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Why Multi-level Marketing?

Because no business model leverages your time and money as effectively as MLM. In a very short time, you can have dozens of people helping your business grow. As a matter of fact, there are people helping your business grow before you even find your first affiliate. In my first month, I personally enrolled 3 people. But I had 4 people join my team that were placed in my downline from people in my upline. It is a binary matrix so each person can only have 2 people on each level. Everytime someone sponsors more than 2 people, they have to go down under someone else in the matrix. This product is so hot that many people are sponsoring a hundred new affiliates.

How does MLM work?

Multi-level marketing companies do not spend 6 figures on a TV ad. They don't even spens $500 on a radio blast. Generally, an MLM product is unique enough that word of mouth advertising is more effective. By paying each individual a commission for promoting their product, mlm companies save millions of dollars, but also contribute vastly to the economy. A company could hire a sales rep to promote the product and pay him/her well or the company could hire thousands of sales reps, giving them a commission on each sale, thereby rewarding the ones that actually worked, while not having to pay commissions to the people that stayed home and watched TV instead of promoting the product.

Most sales jobs are paid commissions instead of salaries and as a result, the harder workers earn more money. Fortunately, mlm products are consumable which means that when you make a sale, you will likely make a sale every month when they reorder.

How much money can I actually earn?

It is actually possible to earn more than a million dollars a month with mlm. In fact, My Daily Choice purposefully does not flush their system in order to make that amount not only possible, but realistically obtainable. If you earned one tenth of a penny for every gallon of gas that was sold a day in the U.S., you would earn around $143 million dollars a day. In fact, the average gas station sells around 4000 gallons a day.

Being a little more practical, if you earn $10 commission on a product, how many do you have to sell to earn a thousand dollars? That's easy, you would need to sell one hundred. Now, suppose that each of those hundred customers had the same opportunity as you. How many products would be sold if you sold a hundred yourself and each of those hundred only sold ten each? You would have sold a hundred and they would have sold an additional thousand products.

In a binary matrix, there are two people that get two people that get two people, etc. When anyone gets more than 2 people they have to go down to help someone down the line. Now, let's say that you only got two people and never got another one ever. In 5 generations, you have 2x2=4. 4x2=8, 8x2=16, 16x2=32, and 32x2=64. So by only finding two people that also performed, you have instigated over a hundred sales.

Is it possible to lose money in mlm?

The only time you ever spend money is to buy product. When you do so, you lose your money and gain a product. You do this everytime you go shopping.

I have a years supply of food on hand. Did I lose my money when I bought it. Of course. Was it a good investment? I certainly think so. But no one should ever ask you to buy a years supply of any mlm product. Multi-level marketing companies make their sales on consumables. That means they are banking on repeat sales, not bulk purchases for storage purposes. In mlm, there would rarely be a time when you would buy more than one product a month. I buy extras sometimes so that I can give away free samples, but no one has ever asked me to do so. So unless you have a strange habit of buying products that you do not need or want, I would say it is nearly impossible to lose any money in an mlm company. I bought some stuff at a yard sale that I didn't necessarily need at the time, but I didn't consider it losing money. Crybabies that blame other people for their problems rarely succeed at anything, so I wouldn't be too quick to take advice from them.

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