According to a study by Zenith Optimedia, the current global display advertising market is predicted to exceed $34.4 billion.
  1. Google AdWords.  The grand daddy of online advertising.  Since Google owns the lions share of the search engine market, it makes their advertising platform Adwords the biggest platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.  Adwords lets you create text, image or video based advertisements targeting people who search for specific keywords (you bid on keywords in an auction type market) and terms in the Google search box or through demographic and behavioral targeting via their Display Network.  You can also get very specific in when your ad displays, making your marketing dollars very efficient.  Setting up a campaign can be a bit complicated for beginners, and they do not allow ads for CBD Oil.
  2. Bing Ads.  Similar to Google Adwords, Microsoft uses it’s Bing search engine to serve ads in it’s search engine results as well as partner networks.  The Bing search engine has a much smaller audience than Google, but this typically makes bidding on keywords less expensive and could save you money as it extends your marketing dollars a bit further.  I personally haven’t used Bing yet, but my sponsor has and likes it.
  3. Facebook.  Probably the most popular social media.  Many people have used the Fakebook Groups with great success.  Like any social media, if you simply spam your ads around, people will ignore them or at least not respond.  There are videos and blogs about how to take advantage of several different specific social media platforms.
  4. Stumbleupon Ads.  Still relatively unknown to most people, Stumbleupon is a neat social service people use to discover (stumble on) new websites they never knew existed, related to their interests.  It’s simple to use, create a profile, select your interests and start stumbling!  Stumbleupon has an advertising platform called Paid Discovery where you pay between .05 cents and .25 cents for every person that stumbles on your site.  You can select the interests you want your website to be included in and pay according to how targeted you want your stumbles to be.  There are no advertisements here, the website page you select becomes your ad for visitors.  They also have a traditional advertising platform with paid placement opportunities.
  5. MLM Gateway.  They have a large following of network marketers.  You can connect with people that are already favorable to MLM although many of them want you to join their company so in same cases it is MLMers selling each other.
  6. Taboola.  Taboola is a large advertising company that places your title and thumbnail on Fortune 500 company websites.  Cost is about the same per click as solo ads but there is zero fraud.  You actually get what you pay for.
  7. Instagram.  Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, and since then, the operation of the two platforms has converged. Ads on Instagram can appear either in the user’s feed or within their Stories, although sponsored or branded content is far more popular on Instagram than on any other platform.
  8. Solo Ads.  Very good if you get a reputable vendor which is hard because the stats and reviews are sometimes faked.  I have been ripped off by vendors that had good looking stats and reviews but use robots to create traffic.
  9. Second Tier Search.  There are hundreds of search engines besides Google and Bing.  While they do not get near the traffic as the big boys, they do get a different crowd.  Many people are leery of search that invades your privacy and tracks your every move.  So the people that used the 2nd tier search engines are a completely different group with far less competition.
  10. Classified Ads.  Online classified ads do work.  Sometimes there are other people offering the same thing as you and sometimes your ads get deleted for being in what they consider to be a wrong category.  Works best in United States only as many other countries prohibit opportunity or network marketing ads.
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