As you may already know, Google gives more weight to a domain that people link to.  The idea being that it must be important if you link to it.  So I have a couple of domains that I want to create back links to and also a friend at the gun store in Duchesne.  His store is APB Arms and he sells guns, ammo, and related stuff.  He has competitive prices and you can have your gun delivered there if you buy it from someplace online.

My web host is so cool that I have to recommend that if you ever need a web site, blog, forum, email server or any of that stuff, just contact  They upgrade their servers every year to maintain state of the art service.  I know the guy real good.  He looks just like me.

For those that are looking for alternative energy, the site to visit is Witch Well Energy as their blog has a vast knowledge base and their prices are the lowest and they have what you want in stock.  They even have 220 volt inverters, split phase inverters, and all of the connectors and cables to go with.

There is an incredibly good tire and lube shop in Duchesne that also does minor auto repairs.  Sometimes they even do major repairs.  The shop is called RC Tire and Lube and if you ever need their service, you will be happy with the results.

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