You have probably heard the lies that police, reporters, newspapers, and even TV news tell about CBD oil being illegal.  Well it isn’t.  And it never will be.  Satanists in the police and media have an extreme hatred for God and His creations.  There is a vast difference between cbd oil from hemp and cbd oil from marijuana.  Both have many medicinal qualities, but cbd from hemp contains zero THC. You can view the documention of zero THC by clicking on the image at the left and then “Documentation”.  Our CBD oil comes in 500 or 750 mg strength. So many thousands of people have told their doctors about the fantastic relief they have obtained by using cbd oil that Big Pharma is about to explode trying to figure out how to keep the word from getting out.  The old trick of putting people in jail for following God’s word or using God’s plants as intended by God, do not work because people would rather kill the dirty cops than submit to Satan.  People are standing up for what is right and the deep state progressives are losing the battle. Imagine a mother that is told that she must allow her child to die, even though she has the cure in her hand.  This is what socialists do.  Remember the child the hospital starved to death in order to prevent the mother from obtaining treatment in England. There are now so many stories of people being helped by cbd oil online that a person truly has to want their child to die if they do not try cbd oil.  In some cases, they may even need the cbd oil that does have THC.  But we now know with 100% certainty that all cbd deniers are liars.  CBD oil does in fact help a great many illnesses and people are discovering new information every day. Once you realize that cbd oil actually saves lives, you have an obligation to tell people.  No more being a dumb ass that thinks people will think they are trying to sell something.  When you tell people the truth in an effort to help them and they scoff or deny the truth, then let them die.  You can’t fix stupid. You know the parable about the sower.  He plants many seeds and some do not grow because the ground was not receptive to growth.  But the seeds that did grow, multiplied and multiplied, and the sower became very wealthy.  Don’t be a stingy prick.  Plant the seeds of opportunity.  The opportunity to help other people and receive rewards commensurate with your efforts. It costs you absolutely nothing to tell people about cbd oil.  Be fruitful and multiply!  Do you realize that if you only told 2 people that told 2 people and so on, that you could become a multi-millionaire every month?  There is no other activity that when performed consistently will have this effect.  There is no college or university that can make this claim. The person that does not want to try cbd oil, wants to remain in misery.  The person that does not want to share the good news of getting paid to help peole, wants to stay in poverty.  

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