Interesting survey data from Gallup on self-reported CBD use. Based upon the demographic overlap it appears that CBD consumption is most common with people who are also most likely to consume cannabis (young and live in the west). That is likely due to a multitude of factors including: the exposure to the medical benefits of cannabinoids, reduced stigma associated with cannabis products, the retail availability of CBD products, and regional differences in advertising.

What is clear from the graphs and charts (will have to go to the article to see them) is that the likelihood of using cannabis is directly related to age. As the younger generation gets older and gains purchasing power this will lead to an increase in CBD consumption. But this could take some time. While CBD is definitely not just a fad, it’s also important to recognize that it will years before a quarter of the population (about double the current rate) consume the product. Older Americans are still wary of cannabis and as long as the primary places to purchase CBD are online, in smoke shops, boutique natural products stores, and other alternative locations, many seniors will remain unaware of the different products and effects.  It might be that older Americans are the ones that need it most, but maybe not.  Either way, it is clear that there is plenty of room for growth in the CBD world.

In light of the data, it could be that network marketing is the very best way to introduce cbd to the seniors.  This way, they are being informed by someone that they know and trust.

If you want to read the actual article, it is here:

Right now, the United States is the only country on earth where you can even legally possess cbd unless the THC has been removed.  Most cbd comes from the hemp plant and not marijuana and has only minute traces of up to .003 and you can not get high from it.  But it was created by God and not the FDA so a plant can not be patented and Big Pharma hates that and will spend billions to keep God’s creation out of the hands of consumers.  In countries like Australia, England, and Canada, one has to register with their government as a drug dealer in order to legally treat epilepsy or whatever the condition they are taking it for.  This extreme hatred for God will not be taken lightly by citizens around the world and since the United States FDA has declared the amount of thc in hemp to be safe, the rest of the world will follow suit.

This means that the entire world will be open to having the human body heal itself as God intended.  Since as of right now a person can be jailed or killed for suggesting that cbd treats or cures anything, I should point out that I am not a doctor and nothing I say should be construed as medical advice.

Once epileptics discovered that their whole world was significantly better after taking a few drops of cbd oil under their tongue, government agents began showing up with guns to convince the parents or children that using God’s plant can be punishable by jail or death, citizens began standing up to the tyranny and gradually laws began to change.

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