The Myth

There is so much dis-information about the corona virus that one can scarcely believe anything seen on TV.  We do know the virus was engineered by man.  We know that whatever the nefarious purpose for this was, that a benevolent reason does not exist.

Perhaps the plan was to destroy the economy to get rid of Trump.  Or worse to take over the entire world.  Maybe just to see how far people can be pushed or how many rights and freedoms can be removed before a pushback?  The answers to these questions are beyond the scope of this blog.


Last November, I visited my regular doctor with complaints of shortness of breath.  My doctor was training someone that day and misdiagnosed my condition, perhaps out of malpractice or simply being too lazy to take my case seriously.  In any event, he diagnosed bronchitis which he said was going around and that I was apparently nearly over it as my breathing at the time was relatively normal.

While not an attempted murder, the doctor’s malpractice could have killed me.  Every morning when I awoke I had shortness of breath.  After much coughing and hacking, I would be okay after a couple of hours.  I put up with this for several months thinking that my doctor had been competent in his diagnosis.

One day upon awakening, I was so extremely short of breath that I dressed quickly and drove to the closest emergency room without even taking the time to tie my shoes.  It was clear to the staff on my arrival that I had a serious problem.  They immediately put me on oxygen and even at 4 liters, I was having difficulty breathing.  They automatically suspected covid-19 and gave me a test.  Then they sent me by ambulance to St. Marks Hospital.

Covid-19 isolation ward

I was placed in the covid ward.  The hospital had 15 rooms set aside for this and four were occupied.  I asked if any of the people actually had covid and at that time I was told no, not for sure yet.  The next day when I asked there was a confirmed patient.

My doctor at this facility was incredibly competent.  He made a preliminary diagnosis of COPD and set about treating it.  I was hooked up to a heart monitor, an oxygen sensor, and an IV.  I was given massive doses of anti-biotics and steroids to kill whatever infection was in my lungs.

By the second day, I was feeling much better.  When my covid test came back negative, they wanted me out of there before I did get it.  I was released immediately.

Fake News

When I went to Costco to pick up my meds, the lady wrote CV19 on my receipt even though I was clearly not infected with the disease.  So there is a scam to inflate the numbers.

During my stay at the hospital I asked many questions.  There had never been an overflow of covid patients.  The rooms set aside for covid patients were never at capacity.  During my stay the total number of suspected covid patients were 4.

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