Getting off to a good start in MLM can be slow or even discouraging.  It does take quite a few people to make a lot of money in this business.  But it only takes a few people to make a little.  In fact, you make a little bit, every time you sponsor someone that buys.   When the good money starts rolling in is when you have qualified for binary bonuses in both legs.  In My Daily Choice, that is personally enrolling three people in each leg.

There are many training videos and blogs on the Internet.  One good resource to check is  They have success stories from a variety of companies and people.

Nancy Tobler works with Herbalife and made a lot of progress by making youtube videos.

She discusses live online trainings because they are the easiest method for satisfying the requirements of the Herbalife settlement. Live online trainings allow you to capture data about who receives the training.  With them, you can record the meeting to “prove” that representatives attended. But there are other benefits to live online trainings, aside from the concerns of regulators. Let’s get into them.

Live online trainings place both the trainer and the participant in the same online space at the same time. One of the benefits of live online training is that trainees can participate . Human interaction motivates us. If we know that we are going to be asked questions, or if we are going to participate in the meeting in some way, we are more likely to stay in-tune.

Not only does the thought of human interaction motivate us to listen, it helps us learn. When we talk through our successes and our concerns, our minds can create new connections that help us remember. Be sure to leave in time in the training to answer questions. Depending on how you like to train, you can tell the representatives to hold their questions until the end or to text their questions as you go. Either works, as long as you are comfortable with the system.

If you set your camera below eye level, we get the opportunity to look up your nose during the presentation. It can be distracting to have your nostrils as the primary focal point. We humans love eyes, so set your camera at eye level.

Often, a person’s office has overhead lighting which casts shadows on your face. Wearing a hat while presenting creates even more shadows. Buy a desk light that is high enough to be in front and slightly above you. Being lit from below your face has a spooky look. Again, we want the focus of the video to be on your face and your eyes.

Be sure to do a “dry run.” Practice and record yourself and then take a good look at how the presentation went. Do you have clear talking points? Do the attendees know why they are there? Are the visual aids large enough to be seen on a small screen? Do you know attendees will signal that they have a question? How will you handle questions? Is the camera at a good angle? Is the background distracting?


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