The instant that Trump received the nomination, the economy began it’s reversal from years of decline due to political depravity.  Even so, draining the swamp of decades of evil leadership is not an easy task.  Perhaps it will require the return of our Savior to return our freedoms. Genesis 1:14 and Luke 21:25-26 tell us that the stars in the heavens are for signs.  Daniel 12 tells us that there will be signs in the last days.  In fact, just 33 days after the solar eclipse on August 21st, the sign of the woman giving birth will appear on September 23, of this month and year 2017, according to Revelations 12. God has not abandoned us.  Trump’s election is proof.  Hillary had millions of illegal aliens voting for her as well as having the voting machines rigged.  Hillary couldn’t believe what happened because it was an act of God. After the seven years of prosperity, there will be another solar eclipse whose line of totality will cross the line of totality of the previous eclipse near Adam ondi-ahmon, the original Garden of Eden. The righteous have no need to fear.  God will not only spare them, but will provide the means whereby they can be prepared for the seven years of tribulations that follow. God has always provided a way for His children to escape calamity.  Even during the flood of Noah’s time.  Satan’s army consists of democrats, socialists, progressives, and other evil beings that believe God made a mistake by kicking the wrong man out of Heaven.  The demented minds of evil entities that believe in socialized medicine, welfare, redistribution of wealth, licenses, and other purely evil tactics will have their day, and we are almost there, but in the end, every single one of those pricks will be destroyed and removed from our presence forever.  There will not be a single socialist or progressive in the Celestial Kingdom.  The entire battle from before the earth even was until the final democrat is cast into Hell, is about only one thing: freedom.  Freedom describes the entire difference between Jesus and Lucifer in a single word.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom of religion.  Freedom to keep and bear arms.  Freedom from tyranny.  Freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But just because God is allowing Satan to rule the earth in order to prove how wrong all socialism is, doesn’t mean that God has forsaken the wonderful people that understand how truly vile all democrats, progressives, and socialists are.  God reserved this country for His people and promised them that as long as they kept His commandments, He would bless them and prosper them. One might ask “How can a homeless man use the current 7 years of prosperity to acquire the thousands of dollars necessary to build a home and stock it with provisions sufficient to endure to the end?” Well, the answer is that with no possessions other than the ability to spread  a message by word of mouth, a person can tell people about how God created herbs for our benefit and one of them can stop the growth of cancer cells, among other things.  The financial opportunity that accompanies this good news allows people to earn over a million dollars per month.  No job interviews.  No suit and tie required.  Just start talking.  Bonuses are paid weekly and anyone serious about the business will earn money their first week.  There are also monthly checks.  There isn’t any limitations on who can do this.  Anywhere in the world.  This opportunity is available to everyone.  There is no need to stock products or carry an inventory.  Nobody cares what color your skin is.  You don’t need a computer as you can use the one at the public library.  All you need is a desire to help other people and the willingness to learn how to be effective. To learn more about this and become an affiliate visit:

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