Are you tired of not earning enough money?

Tired of working for less than you are worth?

Feel like you are in a rut?

I did, and decided to do something about it!

Born Poor

We didn’t even have a shower or rest room inside the house.

I was born crippled and because I walked weird, it was difficult to obtain meaningful employment.  While I did well in school, pretty much a straight A until my junior year where I wondered if I would still get good grades if I only showed up or read the material, but not both, I was not challenged and mostly bored.  Then my electronics teacher told me that since my hair touched my collar it was too long and to not come back without a haircut, so I never went back.  I weighed my alternatives.  I was working after school and weekends as a mechanic and was offered a full time job so I took it.

Learned about Sales

My boss had me close down one day and he took me to a residential area and told me to go door to door with this small box which contained a Hoky carpet sweeper.  He told me not to try and sell one but if they had to have one, he had some in his car.  I was to simply show how it worked, get an opinion, and leave.

I complemented the ladies on their nice carpet and they bragged on their $800 Kirby and I showed them the sweeper was empty and made a few strokes and let them look inside at all of the broken carpet fibers, cat hair, lint and other crap their expensive vacuum missed.

After about an hour I had sold several and my boss paid me my commission of $100.  He then said you can do this in any town on any day, anywhere.  He asked me if I wanted to return to the gas station where I was a mechanic earning only $150 in a whole month or if I wanted to be a member of his road crew that was going to go coast to coast and sell these things as he had obtained the United States exclusive distributorship.  I became a salesman.

Found Network Marketing

Over the years different products came and went and I managed to stay alive, but little else.  I had a small success in 1980 when I was awarded a gold managers pin for building a downline that bought $20,000.00 worth of aloe vera in a month.  The company had major growing pains and was totally out of product for several months and everything went to crap as people left and went on to something else.  But it taught me the importance of leveraging my time by recruiting other people to join my business.  Thing is, aloe vera is an incredibly powerful product and I never thought I would ever get that excited about a product ever again.

Still didn’t have the right combo

I discovered computers in 1983.  Opened a store in Salt Lake City.  Did typesetting for printers, designed downloadable soft fonts for the new HP LaserJet+.  I repaired computers.  Worked for Apache County, Arizona, maintaining the government computers in the county.  Began hosting web sites on a dedicated server in 1999.

Then I discovered that CBD oil was being sold MLM.  I checked out different companies that were doing it.  I found the company with the best product as well as the lowest start up cost.  Their marketing program was new and unique like no one had ever done before.  Hempworz is actually geared towards the new beginner so that he/she could earn money right away and be paid commissions weekly.  Unlike many companies where you struggle for months.  No limit to how much I could earn.  I now have hundreds in my downline and new people join almost everyday.

It is only recently that research on CBD oil has really been conducted and new and exciting things are being discovered everyday.  The Bible says that God put the herbs here for our benefit and I believe it.  Not just medically, but also financially.

I learned how to do it

You can take a free tour of this business and check it out.  No obligation or credit card needed.  Just type your name on the form and see if it is for you.

In your back office you can view your entire downline and watch it grow.  You are provided several personalized web sites, some of which are landing pages.  By sending people to these landing pages, you can create a cash funnel from new people that join the business and purchase product.

MLM allows companies the ability to pay what might have been thousands or millions of dollars to an advertising agency to the ordinary people like you and me that actually helped them to create a sale.  Imagine how many people would be in your downline if you only found 5 that found 5 that found 5, etc.  You can automate the process without ever having to talk with anyone if you want.

Plenty of free support

I am here to help you.  You can avoid a lot of the mistakes that I made.  The company has free online training and you can contact me personally, anytime.

People join my team pretty much everyday and these are not people that I know or have ever met.  These are people like you, that want to earn some extra money, create a residual income,  build up a retirement nest egg, or even work real hard and earn an incredible income.

I am old and crippled.  If I can do it, you can do it.  This is now what I do full time.  Well, for money, anyway.  I work about an hour a day.  I spend time with my grand children.

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