What is the APT?

The Advanced Participation Team are people that decided ahead of time to be successful leaders.  Our downline consists of people that have made the same commitment.  The commitment includes, but is not limited to coming in as an Executive, maintaining our Executive status, using the APT tools as well as the official MDC tools for customer and affiliate acquisition, abide by and promote all of the rules and regulations as set forth by My Daily Choice.

We recognize MDC as the financial opportunity that enables us and our downline to enjoy financial freedom.  It is important to support Josh and Jenna, recognize their tremendous talent, experience, and dedication in making this opportunity possible, to the best of our ability help them and the company, realizing that their success is our success.

New affiliates can decide if they would like to join our APT group or simply be one of the many independent affiliates that exist in our downline which are not members of our APT group.

As a member of the APT group, we go above and beyond the minimum requirements and look for ways to excel.  We are not satisfied with mediocrity.

We commit to maintaining our Executive status for a minimum of 6 consecutive months after becoming an affiliate.

Success is a Choice!

Success must be earned.  Our affiliates use tried and true methods of product distribution and of acquiring customers and affiliates.   We are constantly attempting to hone our skills and obtain new ones.

Our premise for success is that by coming in as an Executive from day one, we are maximizing our commissions.  We encourage everyone that joins our downline to do the same.

My Daily Choice is a proven and effective way to build a vast network marketing organization.  We realize that sometimes people waste a lot of time in attempting to learn every little nuance of the compensation plan or in attempting to understand the chemical composition of the products.  We trust the company, recognize them as a world leader, and will learn about the products as a matter of due course.

There are varying degrees of commitment and that some may want to be only a valued customer.  We know that of the people that decide to build a business, some will achieve faster than others.  Therefore, we have developed a leadership development program which we allow anyone that is willing to commit to certain criteria to participate.  There is no financial charge to participate in our Advanced Participation Team, but we do have a certain minimum amount of effort to participate in this group.

All of our training materials are available to anyone, whether in this elite group or not.  Our blogs and Youtube channels are available to anyone.

We all have a level of commitment that includes training our affiliates.  Consequently, we all have blogs and videos to help our downline.  Some of us even have a newsletter.  Our goal is success.  We can not be successful unless our affiliates are successful.

Developing Newsletters, Landing Pages, customer acquisition pages, etc.

I have tried a variety of mass email systems.  Some banned for promoting network marketing.  I was banned from one for promoting a home business.  Some are expensive.  Some require a higher skill set than others.  I settled on GetResponse.  They offer a free 30 day trial.  During that time you can get to know the system.  They have a lot of tools.  You can do mass emails, you can create landing pages.  You can design email campaigns.  They have an easy to use template creator which you can drag and drop images or text to create nearly anything.  Click HERE to get a FREE Trial.  After your free trial prices start at around $10.  Virtually all successful network marketers or even any online business use these tools.  It is like getting the tools to become a millionaire.

I have resources on my blog like millions of free images.  Everything about our Advanced Participation Team is designed to help you become successful.  It is a work in progress and is constantly added to.

If you are interested, we can have zoom meetings where we share our ideas and successes.

Helping each other

We can link to each others blogs.  When you have other web sites that link to yours, Google considers this to be a good thing.  It means your content is valuable.  This leads to Google sending you free traffic in the hopes that you can answer the question.  This is free traffic.  These people are exposed to your landing pages and other links.  Some of these people will join your business.  These are the very best type of leads.  These are people that searched you out.  They are looking for what you offer.  Best of all, these leads are free.

If you would like to write an article that promotes your blog or site, I will happily place the article on my blog as a guest post and you can have links to your sign-up pages or anything else you want to promote.  This is a free ad that you write that will be on the Internet forever.

No doubt you have people in your downline that would like to sponsor a new affiliate that comes in as an Executive.  This is what our APT (Advanced Participation Team) is all about.  We can share landing pages and keep the ones that work the best.  When someone answers an ad on Craigslist or Facebook that is specific to leaders, we have the opportunity to place them wherever we like in our downline.  This is a tremendous opportunity.  It allows people to join a success team.  Who wouldn’t rather join a team where every single person that joins comes in as an Executive?

Example of Choice

If you are not already a member of my team, and would like to be, you can take my FREE Tour at: http://BestHome.Business and see if this business is for you.

If you are willing to come in as an Executive and commit to maintaining that status for at least 6 months, you can join our Advanced Participation Team at no additional cost.  This is the same company with the same products.  The difference is that affiliates come in as an Executive in order to maximize commissions and they commit to maintain that for at least 6 months.  If this option interests you, we have a landing page at: (email me until I get the landing page completed.)  I will have a landing page for this purpose within the next day or two.


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