One may consider whether or not man even has the authority to make God’s creations illegal. This makes zero difference to the people that either hate God or do not believe in Him.  The Bible says that a third part of heaven chose to follow Lucifer and his socialist “no child left behind” nonsense rather than live under Freedom as Jesus suggested.  Freedom is everything!

In the case of Hemp, the Idaho State Police, just last month, stated that they care not whether President Trump removed hemp from the controlled substance act by signing the 2019 Farm Bill, their view is that if it looks like marijuana and smells like marijuana, they will arrest, jail, or kill anyone possessing it in their state.

Hemp derived CBD Oil does not contain THC and can not get you high.  The semi-trailer load of hemp that the Idaho State Police are so concerned about could not get anyone high even if they smoked the whole load.  There is no legitimate reason for the stupidity that allows morons to think that cbd should be controlled.  The Declaration of Independence was written on paper made from hemp.

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years.  People in those days thanked God for creating such a panacea.  People were self reliant rather than demanding that government provide for them and therefore only the most devout Disciples of Satan had hatred for God.

Today, in spite of fake news and constant lies by government, people have personal experience with the miraculous benefits of using CBD Oil.  Even so, many states would rather your child suffer or die that to receive relief by using a plant that God created for the benefit of all mankind.  In Utah, the people voted a mandate to legalize medical marijuana, but the state legislature decide to disregard the mandate of the people and changed the law to follow Satan instead of God.

For epilepsy patients, the medical industry has zero help.  Oh, a doctor can prescribe phenobarbital to subdue the patient to a point less than death as when the same exact drug is used to kill death row prisoners.  But the quality of life is reduced dramatically.  On the other hand, a few drops of cbd oil may stop a seizure in just seconds, with zero side affects.  No wonder Big Pharma hates cbd oil.  They can’t patent it and they currently make billions on people suffering, so why would they support a free plant that grows virtually anywhere like a weed?

You can check the current laws of your particular state at DISA.

We know with 100% certainty that the human body was designed to take cbd.  That is why God placed cbd receptors in the body.  Duh!  Now for those double digit IQ morons that say cannabis can be abused, I say “So what?”  A rattle snake can harm you if you mis-handle it, but they are not illegal.  Nor should they be.  Only dedicated disciples of Satan think government can decide better than the individual what is best.

By sharing the benefits of cbd oil, we can help other people to increase their quality of life.  One side effect of helping other people have a better life is that we too, can have a better life.  My Daily Choice has created a home based income opportunity that is itself helping many people to achieve financial independence.  CBD Oil made from hemp is legal in ALL 50 states.  You can check out this opportunity by taking a FREE tour.

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