Leadership Qualities

When I pretty much had figured out what I was going to say, I figured I had better look and see what other people had to say as I didn’t want to duplicate other people’s efforts.  Entrepreneur Magazine wrote a piece, but it didn’t leave me thinking that I knew any more than when I started.  You can read it at: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/248293 if you want.

I wanted to talk more about the whys and the basic differences in attitude that may predetermine if we are to be a leader or not.  And of course, if we can truly understand the differences, then we can modify our behavior to change how we currently are in order to become more of a leader and less of a follower.  This is not to put followers down.  This is to look at the basic differences in which we approach a task.  Perhaps I should have titled this “Behavior Modification” but then nobody would read it.

We have probably all at one time or another read a book or an article about how so and so became wealthy.  Sometimes when we take a look from the outside in, to see what people did, we really don’t get the whole picture.  Like if the guy had to crawl across glass, fight 2 dragons, and walk through a fire to get where he got, would we actually be willing to do it?  I mention this briefly in an article about sacrifice.  Would we actually be willing to do what it takes to succeed?

It’s not an accident

As a rule, wealthy people did not get there by winning the lottery.  In fact, most people that do win the lottery are broke again within a year.  We may disagree about the meaning of the word broke, but if you have three thousand dollars a month in payments for your home and vehicles and only earn $60k a year, you are broke.  If you lost your income, you would lose everything.  That $80,000 four wheel drive truck in your driveway is owned by the bank and if you miss a payment, they will prove it to you.

So many stories I have read about how people lived on the way to becoming wealthy depict eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a small, cramped apartment, and driving a 15 year old car.  The number one above all attribute that successful people have is living within their means.  If you have the cash to buy it, you can afford it.  Now, I have to say that I have also read the books about using other people’s money.  Using borrowed money to buy something like a home that increases in value everyday is significantly different that using other peoples money to buy something that goes down in value every single second that ticks by until it is junk.  Like an automobile, for instance.  Buying a car that you can not afford is simply stupid.  And you were stupid for paying full price and you were stupid again for agreeing to finance charges.  If you want to be successful, quit being stupid.

Habits and Behavior

There sure are a lot of people with regular paying jobs that retire on enough money to live very comfortably.  Their home doubled in value twice.  They have savings in cash, precious metals, and food.  Don’t forget the food.  If the United States dollar is no longer the world currency for oil, there could be massive price increases at the store.  Some people suggest it might take a wheel barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.  Like Venezuela in 2018.  You can’t eat that nice truck.

Truly successful people take care of the now, but also plan for the future.  How much food do you have on hand?  It may surprise you to know that a lot of people actually go to the grocery store every day.  Many have less than a week supply of food in their home.  And if the power goes out, some of that will go bad.

How much medicine do you have on hand?  Or perhaps, how much gasoline?  Do you have an extra pair of shoes?  How many coats?  You might need all of it.

Stretching your Comfort Zone

Now that you are employed and living relatively comfortably, consider a plan that will bring in $5,000 to $10,000 per month in just a couple years and ten times that in around 5 years.  You don’t have to quit your job and all of your expenses are tax deductible.  You do have to advertise, but some means of advertising are free.  Like word of mouth and social media.  Even with paid advertising you may reach the break even point on ads within 90 days.  But consider this:  While you are breaking even on your advertising dollars, your organization is growing geometrically.  That is the beauty of network marketing.  Most people have no idea what it takes to succeed in network marketing or multi-level marketing and have only heard horror stories.  That is another bad habit of losers.  Listening to other losers.  Quit it!  Start taking your advice from people that are competent and qualified to give it.  Would you let your auto mechanic give you heart surgery?  Then don’t take advice about success from someone that isn’t qualified to give it.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Do you know who Ben Carson is?  He is a world famous heart surgeon, that happens to be black, whose mother was a maid for rich people.  She realized that these rich, white folks all had libraries in their home.  They read books.  She made Ben read books and made him report to her on them.  Since she couldn’t read herself,  she did not know what the book was actually about.  She cut TV and made Ben read books.  Smart woman.  Oh, and Ben ran for President of the United States in 2016.

Poor people have poor people’s ways.  It’s called stinkin’ thinkin’.  Successful people could lose it all and get it back again.  When the average middle class Joe making $60 to $80 grand a year loses his or her job during bad economic times, it might be catastrophic.  Everything gets repossessed.  Lose the home.  Don’t be like that.  Make a decision right now to be prepared.  Make sure you have an adequate savings plan that includes more than money.

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As a leader, people generally believe what you say.  So when you recommend a product, people are more likely to trust your judgement.  Referring the right products can actually make you wealthy.  When the products that you recommend are life changing, people are forever grateful to you for making these life changes possible.  When you recommend any of the Hempworx products, you earn a commission when these people buy these products.  People that receive life changing benefits, whether financial or health wise, they also recommend the products, and you get paid commissions on those purchases also.

People tell other people

When someone earns their first thousand dollars from a new home based business, they tell people because they are excited.  Getting relief from a medical condition that even doctors could not solve is worth talking about.  Dramatic results lead people to tell other people.  Not because you told them to.  In fact, these people will likely not stop telling people even if you ask them to.

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