Being prepared is quite a bit more than having a gun and food.  Just having enough food is a bigger task than I imagined when I started.  My first food storage wasted because I thought wrongly that canned goods store well.  They don’t.  They do much better if you keep them at room temperature, but if you store them outside in a shed or location subject to weather changes, they won’t last even one season. Once you get enough breakfasts for your family for a year, like pancakes or waffles, then you move on to dinners.  Then when you think you have enough for a whole year to eat 3 meals a day, you start on spices, flavorings, toppings, etc. to make the food taste better.  How much butter do you buy in a years time?  Better have that on hand.  After that, you can work on desserts, cakes, cookies, and treats.  It will be a rather tasteless year if you don’t have ice cream, fresh vegetables, and sweets.  Freeze dried ice cream is actually pretty good.  Stores 25 years. If you don’t have a garden, you will have to do without fresh tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, squash, corn, peas, radishes, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, etc.  A pack of seeds cost 25 cents for fifty dollars worth of fresh food.  Pretty good investment.  If you think you will have a great garden on your first try, you are making a mistake.  By gardening every year, you learn tips and tricks that a beginner will not know.  God commanded Adam and Eve to grow a garden and I don’t recall where He rescinded it. The food you buy in the store is not of very good quality.  It may even be fatal.  Food processing plants in the United States are seasonal.  That means the workers are seasonal.  A typical Del Monte packing plant or cannery will produce cans with over a hundred different brand labels.  While it is true that certain brands have higher specs, it is also true that all brands are packed in the same place by the same people.  None of which speak English.
cabbage processing
cabbage fermenting barrel 2 stories high
I recall working during cabbage season at a Del Monte plant.  They hire everyone that applies as they need people.  Management speaks English.  Of the hundreds working at the plant I was at, I think I was the only actual worker that spoke English.  Illegal aliens hate Americans and think it is funny to put harmful things in food.  I was given a pitch fork and rubber hip boots and told to work in a 2 story high barrel about 40 feet in diameter.    Cabbage was dumped in on me and my job was to spread the cabbage around with the pitch fork and pack it when I walked in my rubber boots.  After a few hours I began thinking about going to the restroom.  I didn’t know where one was but I climbed the ladder to the second floor and began looking.  I figured I could work fast and catch up when I got back to my job.  I found a restroom by the office and returned to work.  I didn’t see any other restrooms except the one in the office building.  When I got back to work I wondered where all the other people pee.  Then I began paying attention to coughs and nose blowing from other workers.  The cabbage does get cooked after fermenting and before going into a can, but now you may pay closer attention to the small pieces of stuff when enjoying your next sauerkraut. Get and store CBD Oil along with your food.

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