Okay, you’ve got a job, you earn a living, you pay the bills, you are getting by, better than some, not as well as others.

Do you have goals or are you stuck? Do you think it is anyone elses responsibility to help you or do you realize that you are in charge of your life and if you want things to improve, it is up to you?

If I told you a way to earn an extra $1,000 to $5,000 per month would you be interested? And if you were interested, would you be willing to spend the time and effort necessary to make it happen? Maybe you would rather marry it or inherit it? Just what is a thousand dollars per month worth to you?

Are you willing to go into business? The name of the business is you. You are the product. You are the reason people buy. You are the president. You are also the janitor that cleans out the place. You incorporated.

You are already self employed, whether you realize it or not. Your product is your time. You may sell it for minimum wage or you may sell it for more. Increasing your knowledge or skill makes your time more valuable. The choices you make regarding the use of your time determine if you are poor or wealthy. Being smart does not guarantee wealth. Being stupid does not guarantee poverty. Plenty of rich people are dumber than rocks.

Generally, people do not become successful or wealthy by accident. Unless you leverage your time, your income will be determined by the number of hours you spend working. A certified plumber or welder may earn $30 to $50 per hour. An accountant or attorney may earn double that. However, in all cases, when you work by the hour, your income is necessarily limited by the numbers of hours in a day that you can work.

By leveraging your time, you can earn far more than what you yourself personally can accomplish in an hour, day, or week. By enlisting the help of other people, you can accomplish much more in any given time period. An owner of a construction company may hire a hundred people to help him build a state road and thereby earn over a million dollars for himself in a single project. Because he earns a little bit of money on a lot of different people that each are required to complete the project. Of course one bulldozer can cost a hundred thousand dollars and the construction company has many millions of dollars invested in equipment. I am going to suggest an arguably much easier way to earn a million dollars. Certainly, a less expensive way.

You can leverage your time and efforts among a thousand different people and thereby get a thousand more things accomplished than you could by yourself. Without having to spend millions on company overhead, equipment, product development, manufacturing, or employees. Wow!, you say. How can I do that?

Well, first, you have to visualize the end result. If you can’t see it getting done, it probably won’t. Some people say that seeing is believing. I know that believing is a precursor to seeing. A builder can “see” his building before it is built. He knows exactly how it will look.

When you can see yourself introducing your business to two people, you will be able to accomplish it. Of course, you haven’t actually duplicated your efforts by introducing your business to two new people until those two people have duplicated themselves. Only when the 2 new people that you introduced have duplicated themselves, have you actually duplicated yourself. If this was all that you ever did, your business would grow exponentially. Because the 2 people that you taught to duplicate themselves would also teach their two people to duplicate themselves and so on. We know what happens to a penny when we double it everyday for a month.

When you join a multi-level marketing company, you HAVE to duplicate your efforts. If you do not, you will NOT EARN a lot of money.

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