Dollars, People, or Ideas

In the very first chapter of Genesis, verse 28, God tells man the very key to success and happiness.  Of course, some people couldn’t care less what the most famous book in all of history has to say.  Kind of like thinking of all of the books that have been written about becoming a millionaire, acquiring successful traits, behavior patterns of the wealthy, from rags to riches, etc.  And yet, sometimes the people that need the information the most will never read the book.  Not because it costs money.  The public library is free.  The reason that poor people do not get the knowledge to get rich is because they are lazy.  They lack dedication.

In today’s world of tootie frooties that want something for nothing, reading a book to learn how to achieve the end result is simply too much work.  Why it might take several days.  Better to make a sign that says I have nothing to give, but I want someone to buy me some beer and food.  Oh, and throw in a nice motel.

There is a book on that

Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Such obvious words of the laws of the universe can sound so simple and yet be so profound.  Sort of like Network Marketing, simplest way to earn a fortune on the face of the earth.  Simple does not mean easy.

Think of how Mother Nature does it.  Plant one seed get 20 or more back.  Sometimes a hundred and wrapped in delicious fruit.  Of course it can take a few years in some cases.  For example an apple seed might need to sprout and grow for 5 years before bearing fruit.

So when some moron with a double digit IQ complains that network marketing takes too long or that they are not willing to pay the price necessary for success, one sees that if you want to receive the wealth the universe has in store for you, you have to be willing to follow the rules of the universe.

Duplication is the key

To understand the value in duplication, take a single penny and double it every day for a month.  Do it on a calculator.  Wow!  It’s over a million dollars.  But half way through the process, it is just pocket change.  One has to be patient and endure to the end.

Most people that join a MLM (Multi-level Marketing) company sponsor just 2 people.  Now, in reality, if everyone sponsored just 2 people but also trained those people to sponsor and train, network marketing would not have the bad reputation that it has.  Everyone would become wealthy.  What happens is that people do not see the end result.  They talk to a couple of friends and when they are not rich by Friday, they decide it is too hard and they give up.

But if a person was to really think about it, one would realize that it can be done.   In fact millions of people are doing it successfully all over the world even as we speak.  It is simply a matter of deciding to do it.  Teach your downline to see the end result.  Draw the circles like they did in the old days on a chalk board or white board.

In theory, getting a few people that get a few people sounds so simple.  And it is.  After all, the organization can grow into hundreds of thousands of people that you earn money on every month and you only had to get a couple of them yourself.

My Daily Choice/Hempworx pays out binary commissions ten levels deep.  So, if you can get a commitment from the people that you sponsor to stick with it for one year, it will grow a lot faster than you might imagine.

Retire next month?

For instance, here is a shocker that is absolutely true.  If I find five friends and ask them if they are willing to change the place where they buy their coffee if they are able to earn 5 figures a month, they will say yes.  And I tell them that I want their word of commitment that they will buy every month for one year.  They buy their first month supply of coffee and the next day we tell the same thing to their 5 people.  If people actually do commit and do what I just said, they will indeed be earning over 5 figures a month far before the year is up.  As a matter of genuine fact, if your 5 friends would all commit to change the place they buy their coffee on the same day and buy every month for a year, each level would only take 24 hours and you would earn 5 figures your very first month.  Think about that.

Remove negativity from your life

It is only when people let doubt, despair, negative thoughts, and an air of doom and gloom engulf their life, that the laws of the universe seem to be unreal.    The math will not fail.  The laws of the universe will not fail.  And in every single one of the image examples that I have displayed here, you only had to get less than 5 people by yourself.

So when you look at the metrics of people that did not give up, it is a 3 to 5 year project to a 5 figure monthly passive income.  You can do it in your spare time.  The fact is that it can even be done without spending a single penny on advertising.  The way network marketing was practiced before people got so lazy was that they met people in person.  It’s easier when you actually have met the people.  But in the Internet age, it is also possible to build a large customer base without meeting a single one of them.  Probably not for free though.

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