Hemp is a plant.  In fact, many classify it as a weed.  God created it.  It has many medicinal benefits.  There is not a single legitimate reason for it to be restricted in any way, shape, or form.  One can NOT get high on hemp. Many of our legislators are paid hefty bribes by Big Pharma.  Others are being blackmailed into voting a certain way on issues.  Either way, we need legislators that are not Disciples of Satan and that will act according to the will of the people.  Not to mention common sense. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable has a website that allows you to auto-magically contact your Representatives and Senators.  It has a pre-written letter, although you are encouraged to write your own.  You simply go to their website at https://hempsupporter.com/resources/ and enter your contact info and it automatically places the names of your Representatives and Senators and emails the letter to them, for you.  

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