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Jenna Zwagil recently pointed out that Network Marketing is actually personal development with a compensation plan attached. For those of you who may not know who she is, she is the highest paid women on planet earth in Network Marketing. She currently earns over a million dollars per month. One could do well by listening to what she has to say.

For those that are just beginning the journey to professional network marketer, know that the principles are sound. The financial opportunity is real. People really do earn 5, 6, or even 7 figures a month in MLM.

The concept is so simple that one might wonder why everyone isn’t doing it? As well they should be. The people that aren’t, refer products to people for free. The people that are, get paid to refer products.

In the beginning, one might encounter losers, idiots, and even some people that you wonder if they have enough brain capacity to be classified as human. These drones often live from paycheck to paycheck, or worse, welfare check to welfare check, or maybe even worse than that. Since the knowledge that they have accumulated thus far in their life leads them to make the decisions that they make, it goes without saying that they have not discovered the habits necessary to achieve success. Some may actually want to but are too stupid to try. Others who are surrounded by other losers take advice from those losers and continue to lose. Gee, who would have guessed?

Children that have a successful mentor when growing up, will become successful. Kids that hang out with losers will continue to be losers. No mystery there. Breaking out of the loser rut can be difficult. Paul J. Meyer described a rut as a grave with the ends kicked out.

Why do rich people get richer?

The very simple fact of the matter is that successful people do things differently. Poor people have poor people’s ways. The difference between the two different ways are habits. The way to change habits is with goals. Rich and successful people have been writing books for hundreds of years in the hopes that everyday Joes could learn the secrets of success, also. Some people do not even care enough about their future to go to the public library and read a book for free. Why go to all of that trouble when you can get a welfare check or hold up a sign that says you are homeless? However, sometimes, even those that do read the books still do not better their lives any. Why is that? The reason is that habits are not changed with just one listening or reading of a correct principle. What is required is spaced repetition.

A person does not become strong by simply going to the gym once. It takes many times with not too much space in between to have an effect. The same is true for building the muscles of your mind.

It’s easy to be kind

Take one simple principle that will make people instantly like you. You are checking out in the grocery store and you look for and find a truly noteworthy something about the cashier that you can genuinely complement her on. Even if she is 100 pounds over weight, there is something remarkable about her. Find it. You say something like “You are really helpful. I appreciate that.” Or “You are really quick on that scanner. I bet you get a raise pretty soon.” The thing is, you gave her a reason to smile, to be happy. Lots of people are rude and piss her off and she is grateful for the change.

Happiness is contagious and also actually increases your immune system.

Becoming a leader requires the respect of the people you are leading. They don’t necessarily have to agree with you on every thing or even like you particularly. But if you do not have their respect, you have nothing.

Self Confidence

Where do we get our self esteem from? Your life blueprint, including how you feel about yourself is pretty much defined by the time you are 7 years old. Typically, a newborn looks to it’s mother as the source of all knowledge. After that, there is the father, siblings, and perhaps even one or more grand parents. So the number of people that influence a child the most re perhaps only half a dozen. This is who you can blame for any defects in a child’s character when growing up.

Changing your blueprint can be time consuming. But it is what you must do if you are to become successful.

The Network Marketing business model is different than what a lot of people are used to.  It is a people business.  You can do the whole thing online without meeting the people, but it is still a people business.  You have to interact with these people and they have to respect you.  They must be taught the elements of success as you learn them.  Some of them will be ahead of you in their personal development and will teach you.  Together you are a team.

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