What is the secret to success?

People have asked me, over and over, if I was to have one quality that would allow me to succeed in network marketing, what would that be?  And I have always said belief.  Belief in yourself, belief in the company, and belief in the products.  If you lack belief in any of these areas, you will never be a super achiever.  You will likely be known as a loser and a quitter.

You must have the confidence that the people you will speak to today need to hear your message.  They have been waiting all of their life to hear what you have to say.  This could be a turning point in their life.  When they hear and understand your message, their life will be better for it.

The belief that you have in the company and products will make the difference between success and failure.  Your attitude about these products determine whether or not the listener of your words want to try them or not.  If your attitude is one of “You don’t want any of this do you?” then you have just predetermined their response.  No, as a matter of fact, they do not.

It is between your ears

When your words and actions portray a level of excitement about the company and products, such that it is obvious to anyone with a brain that everyone should be using these products, the customer would have to be an idiot to say no.

Of course, honesty is the best policy and you never want to lie.  If people see you as a waste of human flesh with no integrity, you have a whole different set of challenges.  Your belief in yourself will help others to establish their belief in you.

If all you have is just another vitamin or supplement, people are not going to place a high priority on your message.  When what you have is quality of life, perhaps even life itself, your message becomes more important.  When you point out that the fact that all mammals have built-in cbd receptors, it proves that we were specifically designed to take cbd.  And if we are not, then we are not as healthy as we possibly could be.  Homeostasis is a big deal.  Drugs and vaccinations are not the answer.  The answer is to allow the body to heal itself the way the Creator intended.  And if they are too stupid to believe in the Creator, then you may as well just let them die and they will find out the truth soon enough.

Happiness and Wealth are choices

It is not your job to put morticians out of business.  Your job is to spread truth, hope, and joy.  To help people be the best they can be and live the best life that they can live.  You do have the answer.  And people want to hear it.  They need to hear it.  When you wake up in the morning and realize that you have the power to change people’s lives, I think you have a responsibility to do so.

You have the undeniable answer to many of life’s questions.  Certainly how to be more healthy and wealthy.  People that scoff at your message live in their own created misery.  You don’t need to save the world.  Just help a few.  And when those few stand up on the stage of the next company annual convention and express gratitude for the opportunity to so vastly improve their life, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference.

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