I was wondering what the best gun for a 900 to 1000 yard shot was.  The thing that made me wonder is that a person must see farther away than he can be seen if he is to remain safe.  So, a half mile is far enough away from a target to not be seen with the naked eye or even most surveillance cameras.  The trick is trying to get a bullet that far, accurately.  What retards on the left call an assault rifle surely won’t do it and neither will a .30-06.

The military may issue a sniper a .338 Lapua or a .50 cal but that is a little on the heavy and expensive side for the average citizen.  Besides, packing a Barrett is somewhat obvious and difficult to blend in without attracting attention.  This may not be an issue on your own private property, but it could be if you need to travel.

An online source recommended a .300 Dakota, or a .30/378 Weatherby Mag which has the highest power commercial cartridge available, but it seems a little over the top for the average Joe.

Law enforcement has adopted the newer .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.  What about the tried and true .300 Winchester Magnum?

I found a really neat site that has a calculator for determining such difficult questions.  Take a look at online ballistics calculator and you will probably want to book mark it so you can find it again.

A mile being 5280 feet, a half mile is 2640 feet or 880 yards.  At that distance the bullet will be in the air for only a second or less so the sound will not reach the target before the projectile.

It’s actually kind of fun to think about these things and if I hadn’t been born crippled I may have had a career in the military.  But, since I was, I have to figure out how to get someone to find my blog by talking about something that they are looking for so I can tell them about the benefits of CBD oil.

If you already left to go look at the ballistic charts, then I committed a tragic error by giving you the chart before the link to Hempworx.

I do welcome your comments, particularly if you have experience as opposed to just an opinion.

I’m just getting started in this blog so I haven’t yet figured out the best topic for a click magnet.

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