One of the first things that your sponsor told you was to make a list.

There is prospecting and there is marketing.  Prospecting is you out looking for leads.  Marketing is bringing the leads to you.  There are only two types of people on a list.  People that you know and people that you don’t know.  People that you know are called the warm market.  Strangers are called the cold market.  Unless you know an awful lot of entrepreneurial people, chances are very good that the people that you know will not make you rich.  They might buy a bottle of soap or try your new miracle creme, but 95% of all people are not going to become wealthy.  They are comfortable where they are and are not willing to do what it takes to become financially independent.  Especially when the needed ingredient is charity, or gratitude, or maybe just growing up and taking a little delayed gratification.

How many people will you need?  How big should your list be?  You need to add to your list every day.  Perhaps every hour or even every minute.  The money is in the list.  If you earn $10 per month on a thousand different people, you will only earn $10 grand a month.  And 90% of them will quit in their first year.  Your list needs to be perpetual.  Never ending.  That is what can bring a never ending flow of passive income.

The world has so many cry babies that one can actually be terminated from a network marketing company for promising any amount of earnings.  The only way these people will ever be wealthy is if they win a lawsuit or the lottery and in either case they will be broke again soon enough.

Jesus asked How would you like to be like a bird and not have to expend any thought to what you will eat or what you will wear?  He also said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and these things shall be added unto you.”  Too big of a price for most people.  They are too busy calculating the monthly payments of the toys that they lust after.

Success in Network Marketing is virtually guaranteed if you have enough people look at your opportunity.  Some are interested, most are not.  Fortunately, you only need a few that are solid.

Once your list reaches a certain size, you can rent out your list.  Solo Ads are a massive industry.  People are literally making fortunes on using click bait, surveys, or free give aways to get people’s contact information.  One question might be “Are you open to an additional income stream?”  When you buy solo ads and want your opportunity emailed to a specific category like work at home people, their list is a hundred or thousand times as large as the clicks you want to buy and they are constantly refreshing the lists with new names.  These people has said yes that they want to receive offers to work at home, or whatever.

Your list is worth millions even after you have already gleaned the ones that are interested in your particular opportunity.   And a product that you can sell a thousand times and still have the product to sell again is a very good product, indeed.  Your success is directly proportional to the quality of your list.

No matter what the business, the money is in the list.

In this particular business, Hempworx, my lead generation techniques build me a list of tens and even hundreds of thousands of names.  If you build a list, the list will make you rich.  If you have a good enough list, you can build a dozen network marketing organizations.  And you never have to make over inflated claims about the product.  You are bringing so many people into the business that people see the momentum.  They get emails from the company’s auto-responder that 1250 people have joined their downline as Pre-Enrollees.  This tells people that you are a winner.  They are in a network that is growing and going places.  The people that only have a dozen or two new Pre-Enrollees in a month have a dead organization.  I try to never get less than one per hour.  Two dozen a day.

When people join my team, I send them a welcome letter that details my top 3 lead generation techniques.

My Daily Choice/Hempworx provides a few different landing page sales funnels.  Keeping your sales funnels full are the key to your success.  You can even design and build your own sales funnels targeted to specific niche groups if you want.  It’s actually easier than you might think.

If you are not earning the kind of money that you want to be earning, generate more leads.

If you would like to join me in my business and be a part of my team, please take this FREE Tour and see if the business is for you,




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