Cure is a pretty big word. A person could be jailed or sued for making an improvable statement against Big Pharma. The last thing Big Pharma wants is a cure for cancer. They make billions on drugs that only affect symptoms.

Is there a cure for cancer? Absolutely. Perhaps thousands.  How many people have actually cured their cancer?  A lot.

If a person had cancer, would they have to be incredibly stupid not to try cbd?  Of course.  But the world is full of stupid people.  Should we care?  Not too much.  Let them die.  Our time might be better spent on people that want our help.

President Nixon made cannibus research illegal back in the 1970s.  Now that thousands of people are living proof of the benefits of medical marijuana, research is flourishing.

CBD is not the part of the marijuana plant or cannibus that gets you high.  It is the part that is legal in all 50 states and recommended by thousands for cancer patients.  The problem Big Pharma has with it is that a plant can not be patented.  God made it for our use and anyone can grow it.  In fact, it grows like a weed.  But CBD isn’t necessarily a back yard cure.  You want pharmaceutical grade CBD made by professionals that has a consistent and provable consistency.   Like the huge cannibus farms of Hempworx in Colorado.

How does one obtain CBD?  The easiest way is to become a dealer and buy it wholesale.  No minimum orders or stocking requirements.  If you want some, you buy some and if you don’t want any, you don’t buy any.  Pretty simple.  Dealers get 25% off.  Of course, the business is pretty hot right now and quite a few people are making quite a bit of money.  You don’t have to, though.  But, if you do tell a friend or neighbor about it and they buy, you get a commission.

Hempworx has a web site at:  where you can learn about how CBD works.  If you want to know a little more about the business opportunity, you can visit:

When you become an affiliate, you will see that they have a few other products.  They even have a cash back travel plan.


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