The fact is that when anyone calls 911, the police in the area are likely doing something else.  They may be harassing an innocent elderly person for not wearing a seat belt, or detaining someone with a burned out license plate light.  Cops consider these non crimes as standard procedure to collect millions of dollars in revenue as well as make the public despise them in order to maintain their authority and justify wearing a gun.  He may even be in the drive-in window ordering donuts. In Las Vegas, after several days of lies that no one except democrats believed,  the Police Chief change his story to a more accurate one.  Earlier police accounts indicated a wounded Campos helped direct police to the room occupied by Paddock, who had quit firing on concertgoers by then. Lombardo originally said police officers reached the 32nd floor within 12 minutes of the first reports of the attack.

That sequence of events was changed in Monday’s new timeline issued by Lombardo.

“What we have learned is (the security guard) was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,” Lombardo said.

Lombardo did not address whether the mass shooting could have been prevented, or halted sooner, based on the new chronology, but said it remained unclear why Paddock stopped firing on the concert when he did.  (Because police had not yet arrived so why did he stop shooting? Probably because the FBI agent killed him and the agent needed time to leave before police arrived.)

So police, by their own admission, was fully aware of the shooter well before anyone fired any shots at anybody in the concert crowd.  They had the physical evidence of a security guard being shot in the hallway.  This is actually pretty good evidence that something nefarious is going on.

So why then, you ask, did the Las Vegas Police force wait until the shooter(s) had finished shooting, and Paddock had been killed, and anyone else in his room had ample time to go home for a beer, to enter the room in an attempt to stop a crime?  Well, police do not consider themselves as crime stoppers.  They usually show up far later when the crime is finished.  Placing them at the scene before the crime even started is a bit of an inconvenience for them.

Black Live Matter, antifa (anti-first amendment), and other democrat protesters believe police are bad because they are racist.  I seriously doubt if police are racist, especially in Detroit, Chicago, and all other black towns where the police are all black.  What police are is corrupt.

Which by the way, studies show that 90% of police that issue no seat belt tickets do not wear a seat belt themselves because they have duty belts and gear that get in the way and besides they are above the law, remember?

So the great founders of this nation were inspired by the Almighty God to ensure that the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  Doesn’t have anything to do with hunting.  It has to do with God specifically telling the founders to make it so and anyone that disagrees is anti-God.  And fully automatic weapons bans are an infringement because a citizen may need to be able to fire several hundred rounds a minute to stop the evil pricks that wear badges.  God knows everything, from beginning to end.  And anyone that tries to stop God’s word or God’s plan is a satanist.  The Constitution of the United States is God’s word.

Now that you know the truth about cops, you ought to know that CBD Oil stops the growth of cancer cells, among other things.  It’s legal in all 50 states and you better get some.  In fact, you can become a dealer and buy wholesale.  You may save someones life.

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