Hemp has been around since God created it way back when as described in Genesis.  Man never actually had the authority to make God’s plant illegal, but like all things criminal, they did it anyway.  Of course, once all the pot heads from the 1960s and ’70s became older and found themselves in charge of everything, they realized that the anti-Christ, devil worshiping, politicians were idiots and had no clue as to reality.  With themselves as a personal witness to the many medicinal benefits of hemp, the previously ridiculed members of society had truth on their side and no amount of bullshit lies from government could change the facts.

Sure the evil politicians had big pharma, Hollywood, and the media to spread their lies, but lies are lies and the God loving citizens wanted no part of the criminal conspiracy to cover up the cure for cancer as well as many other diseases.

Once a few states had legalized cannabis for recreational use, the research proved that cannabis for medicinal purposes could not be ignored.  A simple search on Google will reveal thousands and maybe millions of studies, research, and personal testimony to the effectiveness of God’s creation.  One truly has to have an incredibly deep seated hatred for God to make His plant illegal.

However, the pharmaceutical companies can not patent God’s plant and therefore do not want people growing their own cancer cures.  Cannabis has been absolutely proven to stop the growth of cancer cells.  Wow!  I wonder why you never heard that on the news?  Oh yeah, the media promised not to tell the truth ever again unless it was distorted to advance the agenda of Satan.

So, you want more information on hemp, where to buy the best quality and how to even make a considerable income from sharing it?

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations though.  Many hemp products on the market are made from the hemp seed which does not contain all of the properties of the whole plant.

And another very important thing to remember is that all network marketing companies are not created equal either.  And neither are the sponsors in any given company.  When you join my team, you are on board with winners.  Much of your success in any multi-level marketing company depends on the help you get from your upline.  My team grows everyday.  People from all over the world join my downline ever day.  And when you join with us, you will receive people in your downline from work done by the people in your upline.  This is because our matrix is a binary which means that each level can only contain two people.  So when a person enrolls more than two people, and all successful MLMers do, the extra people are forced into the downline to help people that have just begun.

In other words, if you sign up today, your organization will already be growing by tomorrow.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Don’t waste it!


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