I pitched my friends and family, now what?

OK so you are now a member of the NFL (No Friends Left).  Sometimes friends and family are interested in your new Network Marketing venture and sometimes they are not.  It really doesn’t matter because chances are very good that they weren’t going to make you rich anyway.  They will […]

How to fund your retirement in under 5 years

Do you know how much your retirement will cost? Have you considered how you will pay for it? Do you know how to generate the retirement income you’ll need? For many current and future retirees, these can be stressful questions which are often put off and left unanswered for too […]

What home business can I start under $100, earn money right away, get paid weekly?

Maybe you want to fund your retirement and you only have 5 years to do it.  What homemaker does not need more money?  Maybe you want to put your kids through college, but can’t afford it.  Whatever the reason, you want to earn more money and the sooner the better. […]

What are the 10 things I should do immediately to get a fast start in Hempworx?

What are the 10 things I should do immediately to get a fast start in Hempworx? Print some business cards. There are several choices of professionally designed attractive cards to choose from in your back office in the Tools Store. Cards are the cheapest advertising available. If you do not […]

Why I joined My Daily Choice

I was looking for a CBD MLM. I looked at several. MDC had a lower startup cost, an awesome back office, professional high quality landing pages, and an auto-responder so that the company actually closes the prospects. The company was new and that meant a ground floor opportunity. But even […]