Is CBD going to the dogs?

“More and more people are understanding how CBD and how hemp-based products can enhance wellness.  Not only humans but in pets,” said Tim Gordon, chief science officer at Functional Remedies, headquartered in Boulder.

In 2016, sales for pet CBD products stood at $58,581.  But that increased to nearly $7.4 million in 2019, said Maria Lange. She is the pet and cannabis research specialist for market analytics giant Nielsen Global Connect.

Despite the increase, there’s still a lack of knowledge from consumers about CBD for their pets and how to use it properly, Lange said.

All mammals have cbd receptors

“A lot of people don’t know that pets and humans or dogs and humans share the same endocannabinoid system,” she said. “I think a lot of people think of CBD as cannabis, thinking probably it could make their dog high.”

In March, Petco began selling CBD from Charlotte’s Web and Pet Releaf products at 700 stores in 23 states. The pet store chain is selling hemp extract oils, drops, chews and topicals.

“As pet parents continue to seek out new ways to care for the overall health and wellness of their pets, the demand for trusted products with naturally occurring CBD for pets has also continued to grow,” Petco said in a statement.

Then in mid-May, competitor PetSmart began selling hemp extract products from Denver-based Mary’s Tails, saying in a news release that the company’s line will be sold at 122 stores in Colorado, Oregon, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee – with plans to expand this summer.

CBD sales have exploded

Of course, My Daily Choice Hempworx have been selling cbd for animals and humans for years.  The fact that all mammals have built-in cbd receptors, prove that we were designed to take cbd.  There is much research being done regarding the use of cbd and homeostasis.  In fact, a simple Google search may reveal millions of results.

Since the overwhelming success of Hempworx, thousands of companies have been quick to copy cat and produce products of their own.  Quality varies among the copy cats from pure crap to products which are actually what they say they are.  For instance, many do not know that Hemp Oil which is made from hemp seeds, contains no cbd at all.

Hempworx uses a network marketing business model which pays commissions to affiliates that recommend the products.  The company has actually paid out millions of dollars for such referral commissions.  In fact, the business model is so profitable, that many are doing it full time.  Many have become financially independent.

We have the largest assortment of the highest quality products available.  Every batch of cbd oil produced by the company is tested by third party independent laboratories.  Each and every bottle has a lot number on it that corresponds with the testing.  The test results are posted on the official company website.  Other companies may claim high quality.  We prove it.

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