It used to be that you could go into your back office and check the Leaderboard for the affiliates that enrolled the highest number of new people in any given month.  Now that the official company policy is that you can become an affiliate without purchasing any product, the number of new Pre-enrollees is meaningless.  For instance, last month (January 2020) I enrolled 9 new people.  Seven of those new people did not buy any product.  They did pay the $20 fee required to become an affiliate.

So normally, a person would come in as a Builder, Director, or Executive.  The rank at which they entered would determine the commission that they would receive on Jump Start Bonuses.  Jump Start Bonuses are based on a new affiliate’s first month volume.  So as an Executive, I would receive a $200 commission on any new affiliate that I sponsored which came in as an Executive.  Under the new plan, I still will if the new affiliate orders his/her Executive Pack in the same month that they enroll.  Otherwise, I get a zero Jump Start Bonus and would be paid only on the Binary Commission for whatever purchase the new affiliate makes.

This potentially adds hundreds of millions of dollars to the company profit that they do not have to pay commissions on.  Hopefully, Josh will come up with another incentive that can draw on this enormous cash cow to help new people get started faster, or better, or more profitably, or etc.  By the way, I am not complaining.  MDC still has the greatest compensation plan on earth as far as I am concerned.  I only point this out as there is now a funded way to help the beginners, begin.

Under the new changes, the Leaderboard shows the number of new affiliates recruited as well as the initial business volume that this created.  So now it is possible for a person that only sponsored one person to rank higher on the Leaderboard than someone that enrolled 25 new people in a given month. if the business volume generated is higher for the one than the twenty-five.  This is in and of itself a motivating factor to encourage new people to make a higher initial purchase.

In the case of a person that uses advertising to attract people to the landing page sales funnel, it is not possible to speak to the new affiliate before they decide what to purchase and so the sponsor has no way to effect this.

In the case of people that attract new affiliates via events where they can show the advantages to coming in at a higher rank in order to build a bigger organization much faster, the sponsor does have a way to affect the initial purchase.

As I stated last month in a blog titled “Crushing it” I pointed out that the initial purchase has a great deal to do with the rate at which a new affiliate’s organization grows.  The tortoise does not beat the hare in Network Marketing.  The hare starts fast and doesn’t let off the gas till he is debt free and has time to spend a month on vacation with his family.

As always, I invite you to take a free tour of this business to see if it is for you.


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