While college may be helpful in some cases, what this country needs is not another tootie frootie that has read a Marxist book.  What this country needs is skill.  People that know how to do something besides pick their nose and watch TV.  We have enough dumb asses.  We need people that actually know how to DO something.

So lets say you are choosing between a college career where you will spend the next 4 to 8 years or more in poverty, listening to a Satanist drone on about how boys and girls are the same and should share restrooms, or actually being an asset to this country, world, and your family, while earning money as you go, doing what you enjoy, when you enjoy it, and ending up with double or more the money you would have earned if you had went to college.

Seems pretty straight forward.  Join the college crowd of dumb shits, or make something of yourself.  And if you think I am being a tad harsh on young college students, you haven’t been to a college lately.

So, let’s look at the correct answer.  Earning money as you go.  Getting paid more as you internalize and practice certain fundamental principles that college people never learn.  You can work your own hours.  You are going into business.  You are the president, the secretary, and you are also the one that cleans out the place.  You are your own boss.

You start here, and as you learn things, you tell other people what you have learned.  You don’t need a manufacturing plant as one is provided for you at no cost.  You discover that CBD Oil has many medicinal qualities, including stopping the growth of cancer cells.  Imagine getting paid to help people whip cancer.  The products are all of the highest quality, having been produced in strict pharmaceutical facilities.  You get a small commission on every product you sell or cause to be sold.  This results in a permanent residual income because all of your customers are repeat buyers.  During the course of the time you might have wasted in college, you find 500 customers.  This produces around $5,000 or more per month in residual income.

You don’t have to stop there.  Many people are earning ten times that and more and there actually is no limit.

You look back on the days when you just started and your checks were only $25 or $50 a month.  That changed rapidly as your confidence grew.  By the time some people were in their second year of college, you were already earning $2,000 a month.

When people asked what you do for a living, you tell them that you fly around visiting people, inviting them to dinner and the occasional Broadway play or political event with your favorite politicians.  Wow! they say.  I want to do what you do.  And it just so happens that they can.  In fact, you will help them get started.

You can get started right now, also.  Right now, my right leg is growing at about 200 people per month.  These people will be in your downline once you sign up.  You see, this is a forced binary program which means that each person can only have 2 people on their first level, a left and right leg.  And so when people sponsor more than 2 people, they are forced downline into the first available slot.   So, if you sign up right now, you could have 50% of your business built for you.  Follow this link to get started right now.


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