Well, actually you can succeed incredibly well in Hempworx without coming to Christ.  The blueprint for success in Hempworx is pretty straight forward.  Keep your sales funnel full and you will succeed. If you are not currently earning 5 figures a month, it might be because you lack certain character elements of a successful business man/woman.  Poor people have poor people’s ways and rich people have rich people’s ways.  What’s the difference? Communication skills, management skills, leadership skills, being able to take personal responsibility, endurance, and many others are qualities that most successful people possess.  You have probably heard the mantra “Fake it until you make it.” Or act as if you are already successful. Of all of the Master Trainers, one has been around for a very long time.  Aside from the perfect character attributes, divine purpose, and the dedication and commitment to see a plan through to completion, there are a few other considerations to look at.  You do know the difference between being committed and merely contributing, right?  In a bacon and egg breakfast, the chicken contributed, but the pig was committed. How do you suppose it was that the North and South American continents were not discovered even after centuries of ocean travel, until God was ready to raise a nation that would have religious freedom?  The same way that the healing properties of CBD Oil were kept secret even after thousands of years of sophisticated testing capabilities, instruments, and procedures.  Things happen when God wants them to happen. In the troubling times that we currently live in, God allowed a way to spring forth that would allow a handicapped person in a wheel chair or a stay at home mom to create incredible income streams to allow them to amass several years of food storage and other necessities that would otherwise be unavailable to select people.  This would allow the humble and meek followers of Jesus Christ to have the cash to purchase the necessary items before the s*it hits the fan as it were. Imagine the ability of an average person, regardless of education, skin color, social status, religion, or nationality, to become self sustaining, even wealthy, during a time when some people would simply give up and become homeless. People of ancient times used cbd oil medicinally for hundreds or even perhaps thousands of years.  Somehow, through a combination of stupidity, deep state, and the influence of Satan, it became illegal to even do research on the cannabis plant.  Consider the epileptic that had a hundred seizures a month and the medical industry had nothing, zero, zilch, nada, to offer and then finding that a few simple drops of cbd oil under the tongue stopped the seizures.  What a Godsend!  And it truly was.  In more ways than one. As desperate as the epileptic, autistic, depression or anxiety sufferers was for relief, there were a million seeking relief from financial bondage.  Relief from high living costs and low wages for the under educated and less skilled. A new and unique compensation plan that pays high commissions up front for the people that need an immediate income.  No franchise fees, no warehousing, no inventory, and an automated sales funnel provided by the company that does the selling for you.  Wow!  Where do I sign up?  Actually, you can take a free tour of the business by clicking this link.  

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