Do what the pros do

If you are an affiliate of My Daily Choice, you already have dozens of landing pages, sales funnels, that lead to an automated email responder which can close your leads without your help.  But sometimes you want something different.  Maybe there is something important you want them to know before they become an affiliate.  Like how important it is to come in as an Executive.

By having the ability to create your own landing pages in just a few minutes with no experience, you can change the attitude of an incoming affiliate.  You may even want to give them an option.  Like enter the standard company landing page or enter the special maximum potential for people that are committed to succeed and maintain their Executive status until they are financially independent.

Now you have a way to separate the super achievers from the regular joes.  They will take different paths and have different results.

Get better results from the work you are already doing

You need a way to email your affiliates and your Pre-Enrollees.  They won’t get the same emails, but the goal is the same.  Help them to achieve their full potential.

I tried a number of mass mailers before I decided on GetResponse.  I realized that I needed better communication with my people.  All successful marketers have an email list.  Sometimes many lists.  Many people have become millionaires with just a list.

My sponsor in MDC is a hermit.  I thought that I could be also.  The automated system that the company has is good and it does work.  But it needs to be personalized.  People need to know your name, who you are, and what you do.  But mostly, they need to know that you are there to help them.

You can more than double your conversion rate of Pre-Enrollees to affiliate by sending them a personal note that lets them know you are aware of them and willing to help.  Doesn’t cost you any money and you can automate the emails to go out everyday to the new days Pre-Enrollees.  That will not only double your sales, it will double your check.

Leave the average joes behind

I can not stress how important this is.  People pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a coach that simply does what I am telling you right here.  Communicate with your people.

You can get a FREE Trial of GetResponse and give it a whirl for a month.  After that, it starts at just $15 if your list is under 500.  If you are just starting, your initial email list will be under 500.

There are many things that this membership can do for you.  One is to automatically build a landing page that says exactly what you want it to say.  A very professional one.  One that sets you apart.

Watch this video and decide to become a winner!

If you are not already on my team of winners and would like to be, please take my free tour and see if this business could be for you.


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