Home business or Job?

Work from home businesses are often quite different in nature than a typical brick and mortar shop.  However, there are many similarities.

  • The business must be advertised to find new customers
  • You must have an action plan
  • The business must be nurtured and often subsidized in early times
  • Customer service policies should help keep customers once found
  • Sound fiscal policy should intend to keep company solvent

Different methods of customer acquisition should be considered.  Business cards are cheap.  Social media is free.  Telling friends, family, and neighbors, is free.   Radio spots may be effective if you are persistent.  Ads in the local newspaper can raise public awareness.  Word of mouth can spread quickly, if the message is right.

Sometimes, related businesses or cottage industries can be utilized.  What are the retail possibilities?  How about wholesale?


With My Daily Choice, the company provides automated sales funnels, but I would still consider the local health food store and other retail outlets.

Almost all online businesses involve an email list or web site.  A blog can be a very powerful tool for getting free traffic and leads.  An article about depression or anxiety may still be read even a year or more after it was published.  Same thing with a Youtube video.

Where do you search when you have a question?  Other people search there also.  That might be a good place for your answer to be.

There are many ways to earn money when you are self reliant.  While it is possible to have multiple sources of income, only one should be your main gig.  It is not a good idea to make people choose between your gigs.

Develop a consistent method of bringing in new customers.  Establish a plan to keep your current customers from leaving.  Incentivize your customers to bring in customers of their own.

Your goals should include this month, this year, as well as next year and beyond.

When you have established a consistent method for finding new customers, a plan to keep your existing customers engaged, and an incentive for existing customers to help you find even more new customers, you will have a plan for consistent growth.

Each little thing that you do should compliment the overall picture.  Like selling shampoo in a salon.  It is a support feature that creates growth in and of itself.

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