When a person becomes possessed by the devil, maybe not THE devil, but an evil spirit that was cast out of heaven for refusing the plan endorsed by Christ, he/she becomes a follower of the same Lucifer that was kicked out for his “no child left behind” socialistic views and plans against the freedom that Christ endorsed.  Christ did not propose a plan.  God proposed a plan which Jesus supported and Lucifer proposed an incredibly evil plan known as socialism.  All of the spirits that admitted to liking the evil plan were kicked out of heaven and denied bodies on earth.  This amounted to a third part of heaven, according to the Bible.  There were some which did not want to miss out on the mortal experience and so pretended to accept God’s plan.  Some felt that they could help Lucifer better if they had a body.  God was not fooled, however.  The entire mortal experience has only one goal.  Separate the good from the evil.  By their fruits, ye shall know them.

The crybabies think somebody owes them something and so they want to live the good life without having to expend any effort.  Steal the money from the productive in order to support the lazy, is their motto.  This scum of the earth will be burned as stubble in the last days.  The last days are approaching rapidly.  Good riddance to the bad rubbish.

These wastes of human flesh not only want things for nothing, they want it right now.  Instant gratification.  Why save up for a few weeks and buy a good running car for a thousand bucks when they can buy a new car on payments and waste thousands of dollars of good money on something stupid.  A new car is the worst investment ever.  It goes down in value as you make payments until it is worth nothing.  Of course the dealer earns a minimum 40% commission right off the top and the bank earns up to the value of the car in interest depending on the interest rate.  So the retard helps the bank and the dealer become wealthy while he/she spends the next few years paying for something they can not afford.  Their greed and pride take money from the mouths and backs of their wives and children to pay for their evil ways.

The amount of money that a brain dead moron pays for a car that he can’t afford, is plenty enough to create vast wealth beyond his dreams if used for good instead of evil.  But as you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink, so it is with people.  You can teach them how to become fabulously wealthy, give them a step by step plan, and the majority of them will refuse to do it.

One guy buys a new car.  Not a high priced sports car or diesel truck, just a middle of the road sedan with a $500 a month payment.  Another guy takes the bus, saves the car payment and insurance, and invests the money every month in paid advertising to build his network marketing business.  He follows the plan given him by his sponsor because it is proven and does in fact work.  After just 3 years the wise man is earning enough money to pay cash for a very nice car and the moron still has a couple years left to pay on his disaster investment.  After 5 years, the moron’s car is paid for and he trades in in on a new one because it is wore out and he commits to another 5 years of payments for the worst investment known to man.  The wise man is now earning between ten and fifty thousand dollars each and every month in residual income.  He sees an $80 thousand dollar sports car he likes and offers the dealer a very small profit which if refused he will take to another dealer and he gets the car at a 40% discount and pays cash.  No payments.  He invests in a home in a neighborhood where prices are climbing rapidly.  Chances are good that in 5 years he can sell the home for double what he paid for it and do it again.  He still has his tens of thousands of dollars in residuals coming in every month except for one thing; they are getting larger.  He has to keep buying things so that he doesn’t have to pay so many taxes.  Everything he buys increases in value.  He creates a trust for his children to protect the generational wealth from thieves.  The moron’s wife divorced him and sued him for alimony and child support because he wasted his money on stupid things with payments instead of buying things that increased in value.

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We have an automated system that does most of the work for you.  Many people are already earning MORE than fifty grand a month.  Of course it isn’t free and takes a little time and effort to put it together.  Success is a choice.  It is not for everyone.  Some will waste their money that could have built a business on beer which is even worse than a new car.  At least the guy that wastes his money on a car has transportation.  All the drunk gets for his money is repeated trips to the restroom, unless you count being in a drunken stupor wherein he can not think of anything productive, such as building a massive income stream.

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