The short answer is obviously, yes. Virtually all successful people network market in multiple ways.  The contractor makes money on the sub contractor.  The shoe store earns money on their sales people. In fact, since we are all self employed, regardless of where or even if we work, we sell our time in exchange for something every day.  Smart people leverage their time.  Since one man is limited in what can be done in a day, using additional manpower will get more work done in the day. It has been said that a man will marry the prettiest girl that he can afford.  Or that a woman will hold out for the highest bidder.  Certainly, there are exceptions, but we all see it happen every day. So you can go to work everyday and climb the ladder to earn the top money in your field.  While you are doing this, you can also get an instant 20% to 50% raise by doing what all smart people do.  Namely, keep the money that you currently pay in taxes.  Sure, the democrats complain on television that they are not paying enough taxes, but we all know that democrats are liars. The easiest way to get $20 to $50 thousand dollars of your taxes back is to start a business that allows you to legitimately deduct your expenses.  A percentage of your mortgage, utilities, as well as advertising and travel costs among others.  Unless you are an idiot, you will seek advice from your accountant. Free enterprise is what made America great in the first place.  It is also what will keep it great or make it great again.  Only a democrat is stupid enough to believe that socialism in any form is a good thing.  Socialism is of the devil, pure Satanism, and only Disciples of Satan practice or want to practice it. For those of us that don’t want to go to Hell, there is the American Way.  Capitalism.  It made the United States the greatest nation on earth in a very short time.  Only the dumbest of asses ignore this. A family with a combined income of six figures can easily recover twenty thousand dollars.  It will be tax free cash since you already paid taxes on it.  Why do you think a CEO pays less taxes than his secretary?  Because he is neither stupid or a socialist. Go to Hempworx and become a distributor.  This will allow you to purchase the products wholesale.  You can then earn a profit every time you tell someone how cbd oil stops the growth of cancer cells.  You never have to stock any inventory because your customers buy direct.  If fact, they can become distributors also just like you and buy wholesale.  You still make money and so do they. In fact, many large companies pay the people that actually spread the word instead of quarter million dollars spots on TV that last only 30 seconds.  The more people you tell, the more money you earn.  But even if you didn’t earn a single penny in profit, you still get to keep the thirty grand in cash back from your taxes. Of course, when people find out that cbd oil helps a lot of things besides cancer, they get pretty excited.  People use it for a variety of things including MS, diabetes, autism, anxiety, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, joint pain, and hundreds of other things.  It’s one of the things God gave us in order to stay healthy.

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