A hemp battery?

It’s kind of funny when you think about it.  God creates a plant with nearly infinite uses and the United States government makes it illegal.  Those of us that market CBD have learned that one must never say that anything cures or treats anything else.  The true word that can be used legally is reversible.  A person’s cancer was not cured.  It was reversed.

The CBD craze forced the medical industry to admit that they had been wrong.  Ask any doctor what the best treatment for epilepsy is (Doctors can legally use the word treat) and virtually every response will be CBD.

So now we have people doing vast amounts of research on cancer and other dreadful diseases.  Imagine the delight of the scientists when they discovered that hemp batteries are potentially 8 times better than lithium-ion.

Hemp 8 times better than Lithium ion

The experiment was conducted by Robert Murray Smith – who has built up quite a following on his YouTube channel – of FWG Ltd in Kent. He observed a Volts by Amps curve of both the hemp and lithium batteries and found that the power underneath the hemp cell was a value of 31 while that of the lithium cell had a value of just 4. Although he does not claim to have proven anything, he said that the results of his experiment showed that the performance of the hemp cell is “significantly better” than the lithium cell.  Some of his videos have poor sound so I won’t place them here, but this is really phenomenal.

It comes as no real surprise, which is presumably why he conducted the experiment. In 2014, scientists in the US found that waste fibres – ‘shiv’ – from hemp crops can be transformed into “ultrafast” supercapacitors that are “better than graphene”. Graphene is a synthetic carbon material lighter than foil yet bulletproof, but it is prohibitively expensive to make. The hemp version isn’t just better, it costs one-thousandth of the price.

You can do an Internet search on hemp battery and discover hundreds of articles by a variety of people that declare while the batteries are a ways away from production, the scientific evidence is not in question.

Hemp for Health

It was the health benefits that made the government eat crow.  Then people realized that hemp could save the forests.  Even Henry Ford made a car of hemp plastic way back in the day.  Hemp is so incredible in so many different ways, one might wonder if there is anything hemp can not do?  God gave us this plant thousands of years ago and not until the twentieth century did the government decide that mankind should not be allowed to use the hemp plant for anything, not even research.  If one was to find the name of the man that instigated this process, his name could be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for dumbest person ever to live.

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