A farm boy from Idaho goes on a mission for his church to some third world country that few people know where is.  While there, he discovers that the locals use a plant to heal many ailments.  They claim that this is also the reason that they live an average 20 years longer than Americans.  Joe from Idaho sends some of the plant back home to his parents.  It doesn’t grow in Idaho.  He finishes his commitment to his church and after 2 years, he returns to Idaho.

He gets a job, gets married, and starts a family.  One day his niece comes down with the dreaded gomboo.  Doctors are unfamiliar with the disease and believe she may die.  Joe says “Oh Baloney!  What she needs is some mokapoochoo.  Everyone laughs.  They’ve never heard of it and besides the doctor says that they can be arrested and jailed for child abuse because the remedy is not approved by the FDA.  Social Services sends over some hired guns to legally kidnap the girl and remove her from her parents’ home.  They put the child in foster care operated by child molesters.

Joe has his friends from the distant country send him some mokapoochoo.  Meanwhile the child is hospitalized not only for the dreaded gomboo but sexual abuse from the foster care.

When the mokapoochoo arrives, Joe gives some to the girl who recovers almost immediately.  Neighbors are astounded that she recovers so quickly from what doctors thought would be fatal.  Such is the nature of many products that are marketed through an independent network of affiliates or distributors.

Other businesses choose to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to advertising agencies or television networks during Superbowl.  Joe didn’t have millions to squander so he told people that he would give them a commission if they helped him sell some.

Johnny Law came by Joe’s house with his gun and told Joe that some people had lost money in his business and that Joe could be arrested or killed if he didn’t cease and desist.  Joe knew that Johnny Law was a liar and that no one had ever lost even a penny in his business.  For one thing he had an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee and for another there was no pressure to buy any product and everyone was told upfront that Johnny Law was an atheist, hated the God he claimed didn’t exist, and was mad because his commissions for kidnapping children for the molester foster care had dwindled since citizens were standing up for the Constitution that God inspired.

Network Marketing is the purest form of free enterprise available.  It is not possible to lose money in a legitimate network marketing plan.  Any more than you lose money every month when you buy a box of cereal.  You made a purchase.  The store got some cash and you got some cereal.  An exchange between two agreeable parties.

In a good MLM or network marketing compensation plan it is actually possible to earn a tremendous amount of money.  Does everyone?  Of course not.  Only the ones that want to.  Many people buy the products just to use.  About 85% statistically.  Only the dumbest of idiots think you can earn a million dollars by selling a bottle of something that costs less than a hundred dollars.  Even third grade math can figure that out.

When a person has an IQ beyond 2 digits, they can comprehend that if they tell Jim’s wife at the salon that Marsha is sleeping with Fred at the bank, that it won’t be long before a few people tell a few people that tell a few people, even if it isn’t even true.  By Friday, there might be a hundred people that have heard the story, whether true or not.  How many believed the story?  Doesn’t matter.  If 5 people told 5 people that told 5 people, that is 5 plus 5×5=25 plus 125 or 155 total in just a few minutes or days.  Now, imagine you earned $10 on each of those people.  Naturally, if those people told 5 people that told 5 people, over a thousand people have heard the story.

This can be an incredibly successful marketing ploy.

Now, let’s talk about pyramids.  Generally, when someone calls mlm a pyramid, they are actually far too stupid to even know what that means.  In a true pyramid, there is no product.  The participants know there is no product.  That has nothing whatsoever to do with why they participate.  They participate because if they are able to convince x amount of people to invest in the scheme, then the payoff is half of the money for the name at the top when the genealogy card is full.  Put a hundred in and get a thousand back.  No product.  Just a scheme that if you get the names, you will be paid.  The odds are much better than Las Vegas because if you do the work, you will get paid.  Not just if the wheel lands on a certain number.

If every product was marketed through an independent network, then you could get all of your dreams fulfilled, if you simply told enough people about whatever product you wanted.  Want a new car?  Just help the dealer sell a few and you get yours for free.  Just don’t be a crybaby if nobody believes you when you say the car travels faster than sound and gets 3000 miles on a gallon of gas.  So many liars will tell a lie to sell more cars.  When that happens, car salesmen get a bad name.  It doesn’t mean the car is actually bad or the company either.

I joined a network marketing company that markets cbd oil.  The stuff actually changes people’s lives.  You can take a free tour of the company and business opportunity to see if it is for you.




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