Back in the 1980s a guy named Don Failla from American Fork, Utah created the 10 Napkin Presentations. This revolutionized the MLM, Network Marketing training techniques. He called this training teaching a person how to drive before telling them anything about his/hers/yours vehicle. It became easy to teach a person how to successfully sponsor in under 10 minutes. Sort of like sell the sizzle not the steak or seek the greedy not the needy. Anyway, times have changed and he is much older now and has written a book called “The 45 second presentation” which you can get on Amazon for $8. He actually has a few books out including an even newer one called Own your life which has a chapter on social media. The thing is, he makes things so easy that anyone can do it.

So, I searched Youtube and found a couple videos that he made which are very good and you absolutely must watch them if you expect to succeed in MLM.

The 10 Napkin Presentations – this is older but still very good

The 45 second presentations – you still need to order the book

Don Failla Part One and Two – watch this one and your brain will be elevated to the next level

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