Don’t ask a plumber to operate on your heart

Don’t take advice on how to build your network marketing business from someone that isn’t successful already.  Sometimes people take advice from the wrong people.  We do need a mentor.  In fact, Grant Cardone, Billionaire real estate investor, stated recently that the number one thing that he owes his success to is having a mentor.  Of course, we should be careful to take advice only from those competent to give it.  The wrong mentor can lead us astray.

Our mentor is not necessarily our sponsor.  Some sponsors are incredibly successful.  Other sponsors may have only been in the business for less than 10 minutes.  Our success does not depend on our sponsor.  Everyone in network marketing has the same opportunity, regardless of their sponsor.

This is a massive relief to me, because I refer my people to the man they call the “millionaire maker.”  His name is Robert Hollis and he has helped a lot of people become a millionaire in My Daily Choice/Hempworx.  He has agreed to give us access to his vast training system for free.  So I refer my people to Robert as soon as I can, so that they can get world class training for free, right away.

I took advice from a novice

Before I started mentoring from Robert Hollis, I learned by trial and error.  I tried many things and made many errors.  I hadn’t been involved with network marketing since 1980 and things have changed a lot since then.  The Internet, for one thing, and cell phones.  Even personal computers.  So I was very glad to find out that I could place an ad on Craigslist and get as many as 50 or more leads a day.  I got so excited about bringing in new affiliates that I just kept on sponsoring and sponsoring and sponsoring.  Fortunately, I discovered how terrible of an idea that was.

I sponsored hundreds and hundreds of paid affiliates.  But I was not capable of managing that many people.  I finally realized that no successful business, not even the military ever manages that many people at a time.  I got back to the basics and used common sense.  Just 5 people is all a person needs to become a millionaire.  Step one is get the 5 people.  Step two is to help those 5 people to get their 5 people.  Sponsoring more people just wastes time and money.  By helping the people one has already sponsored instead of foolishly looking for more, it strengthens the people and guarantees their success.  Helping your people makes them strong.  They will never quit because their commissions are larger than what they spend on product.

If I sponsor you and help you get your 5 people, you will never quit.  Furthermore, you will know first hand the importance of helping your people to get their 5 people.  A network marketing organization is not built over night.  It can take a few years.  But you earn as you go.  You never have to sponsor or manage more than 5 people until you are earning several hundred thousand dollars per month.  It is not nearly as complicated as some would have you believe.

It’s easier when you learn from a Master

When you are sponsoring someone and they complain that they do not know a lot of people and can not possibly sponsor hundreds of people, you can say “Good”.  Because I don’t want you to sponsor more than 5 until you are earning at least 5 figures a month.  Can we agree on that?


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