No kidding!  It’s that easy.  You get up to $25 just for installing the app.  You get that every month whether you do anything else or not.  Even if you die the money will still come as long as the app is on a working phone.

The Tapestri App is Free to download and offers a simple yet powerful affiliate program.

To begin, Tapestri is a technology company that has created a new Free App which is being released in July of 2021. Unlike every other free app you’ve downloaded, this one will pay you for your anonymous data information.

Did you know that YOUR “Data” is more valuable than oil? Check out this Forbes Article if you have doubts.

Let’s face, when you download free apps, (and who hasn’t?) or use Maps, the Weather App, Facebook, Instagram, the list goes on and on… If it was FREE to download, then YOU Are The Product!

All these apps are tracking and collecting anonymous data from us and Selling it For Billions of Dollars, but what do we get in return? A big fat $0.

Tapestri is changing that forever!

This is a free app that you can download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, (starting in mid July 2021). It doesn’t ask you for anything you aren’t currently giving away, Only Now You Get Paid For It!

They even have an affiliate program.  You get paid an additional $1 per month for every person that you invite that installs the app on their phone.  Forever!  No limit as to how many.  Do you have 400 Facebook friends?  That is an extra $400 per month.  And there is nothing to buy or sell.  Ever.

The affiliate program offers far more money than the stuff mentioned above which you get for free.  The affiliate program lets you earn an additional $1 per month on all of the people that your people invited to install the app.  That could be an awful lot of people.  But that isn’t all.  When you have invited just 10 people that are paid affiliates that installed the app, you become a super affiliate.  This pays you a special check matching bonus.  Watch this video to get more details:

Here is the best part.  The app will not be released until some time this month.  So the regular $9.95 fee to become a paid affiliate gets you 12 months free.  So you could be earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars every month before you have to make your second $9.95 fee payment to be an active paid affiliate.

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