The off-grid adventure

I have spent 23 of the last 25 years living off-grid.  Ten years in Arizona, in a settlement whose only commercial establishment is a tavern.  Just south of the Navajo Indian Reservation, meant I was surrounded by perhaps the world’s friendliest people.  Even so, the local government was a different matter entirely.  I sold my land for greener pastures.

Living off-grid has many advantages.  No public utilities, or other pipes or wires trespassing on your property.  On the other hand, you have to create your own electricity, drill a well or haul water, deal with waste disposal, provide for your own Internet connection, and the closest store is an hour away.

The freedom to grow your own food, raise your children as you see fit, and the peace and quiet of no traffic, no police sirens, no horns honking, no door to door salesmen, no neighbors within hearing distance, clean air, etc., all make for a pleasant stay.  Unless the local government hate preppers, hoarders, firearm enthusiasts, and free thinkers.  Picture the governor or mayor of New York running a town of 300 out in the woods separate from the town of 3000 where they actually live.  The hatred for freedom is hard to imagine.

Location is everything

I found a town in north east Utah, where the police are friendly, the town folk are largely gun owners, conservative people with high morals and values, and they love preppers, hoarders, and others that revere the Constitution.  Location does make a difference.

I became a dealer for solar and wind products.  Since batteries are a big part of any off-grid electric system, I became a dealer for batteries also.  Customers came from as far as a hundred miles away to buy.  But that business is incredibly seasonal.  Thrive in the spring and summer, but the rest of the year is dead.

The money is in sales

I needed a way to have cash flow all year long.  The Internet is the answer to that problem.  You or anyone else can earn money online from anywhere in the world.  Sure, you can sell stuff on eBay and Amazon, but that takes tens of thousands of dollars in inventory.  I know because I did it.

Then, I tried affiliate marketing, which requires no investment.  You become an affiliate of a company that markets a product or products.  Money is earned when someone clicks on one of your links to make a purchase of something.  When they buy, you get a commission.  Commissions are quite low as compared to being an actual dealer for the same product, but no investment is required.  The biggest problem is that when someone buys something, you only get paid once.  They are not repeat customers.  You constantly have to find new customers.  Ads can be expensive.  It is not profitable to spend more on ads than you earn in commissions.

Network Marketing is completely different.  Lots of people bad mouth it, because they do not understand it.  Virtually all self made millionaires praise network marketing.  So you can listen to the successful people that love it or the losers that hate it.  Your choice.  And success is a choice.

Automation is a Big advantage

Any business takes a while to get rolling.  Network Marketing has a little or no startup cost.  There is a monthly product cost to remain active that is minimal.  Other than that, your only expense is advertising or attracting new customers.  The company that I chose provided me with free personalized web sites, landing pages, and sales funnels.  They even have an automated email system that drips information to prospects in order to keep them engaged.  Because of the email system, people become customers that were initially contacted several months ago and just finally decided to make a decision.

You build the business as slow or as fast as you want.  Customers can also find other customers and so your customer base grows on the efforts of others as well as your own efforts.  After a while, it actually grows faster from the efforts of others than from your own efforts.  This is a good point to reach in your business.

I spent a year fumbling around not knowing exactly what to do and made a lot of mistakes.  So I asked my sponsor what I was doing wrong and he gave me an ad and told me where to run it.  I still run that ad.  Now I have hundreds of people in several different states that are not only customers, but are building their own business.

If you are interested in looking into this yourself, please take my FREE Tour and see if it can be for you.

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