Moms earn big bucks

Without moms, civilization dies

There is no project on the face of the earth more important than that of raising children.  No amount of money or any success of any kind can compensate for failure in the home.  In today’s world it can be difficult to spend the amount of time necessary to raise children properly and have the money sufficient to do so.

Before democrats took it upon themselves to destroy the family unit, a single wage earner was enough to support a family.  When Lyndon Johnson ushered in his new welfare state which was said to help struggling families, the end of the family unit was fast approaching.  Before 1965 there were more black households with 2 parent families than white, percentage wise.  When President Johnson issued his satanic welfare state decree, this was no longer possible.  Government handouts designed to control people would only be given if the father was not in the home.  The mother was given a choice.  She could continue to struggle or she could kick her man out and get a free check for rent and food stamps for free food.  Millions of people actually thought this was a good idea.

Kids need two parents

Once the man was kicked out, the mother had other problems as a consequence.  With no male influence in the home, discipline became a problem.  Single mothers try.  God Bless them!  But human children were designed to have two parents in the home.  Because that is how many it takes to do the job right.  I know, I was a single parent for most of my daughters’ life growing up.  Not having the mother in the home is just as bad as not having the father in the home.

Even with two parents in the home, finances can be a challenge.  Piano or dance lessons for one thing.  Sure, kids can grow up without them, but might always wonder “what if”?

How can boys learn how to take apart their ATV and repair it when necessary if they don’t even have one?  How can they learn to water ski, swim, and fish if you don’t have a boat?  Sure, kids can grow up without these things.  Just set them in front of the TV and let the anti-Christ deep state raise them for you.

Money solves a lot of problems

Money isn’t everything.  But it is right up there.  It allows you to be comfortable.  It allows you to be charitable.

Having the opportunity to earn money from home in your spare time is a God send.  You still have to work.  It isn’t welfare.  No free lunch.  No work, no pay.  On the other hand, you can earn more money than most of the people around you.  Just by being honest and referring a product that you believe in.

How many times have you recommended a movie or a restaurant and not got paid for the referral?  Well, with network marketing, you get paid for the referral.

Ever heard of CBD?  Sure.  It’s everywhere, right?  You know why?  Because it works.  But all products are not created equal.  Ask Google “What is cbd good for?”  You will get over a million answers.

Health is as important as wealth

All mammals have built in cbd receptors.  Basically that means that humans were designed to take cbd.  Humans were also designed to heal themselves.  Big Pharma lobbied congress and now it is illegal for a herb to even say on the bottle what it does.  Doctors prescribe drugs.  God prescribes natural cures.

One of the things that cbd does is to help a thing called homeostasis.  In other words, it may be the most important ingredient for human kind that ever existed.  I am not a doctor.  Nothing I say should be taken as medical advice.  Do your own research.  Then decide to live or die.  It’s that simple.

Research was illegal all around the world, until recently.  God has held this miracle back for the last days.  The times predicted in the Bible to be all manners of sickness, plagues, and death.  If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.

Helping other people is the best way to help yourself

When you help other people, it does not take very many for you to get results.  For one thing, there is a universal law.  Some people call it Karma.  When you help someone with a medical condition, they are grateful.  But that is just the beginning.  They are also happy and that leads them to tell other people about their new found health.

In the network marketing world, you refer a product to someone.  They obtain a benefit.  They tell other people.  Those people also buy the product.  Those people are not only customers, but also tell others about the financial opportunity.  They go hand in hand.  And you earn a commission on all of it.

Everyone buys direct from the company.  This means you are not a warehouse.  You only buy whatever you want for yourself and some people may want to have some extra on hand.

The company has an automated system where you can just send people to a web site and it sells them for you.  It even signs them up if they want to become an affiliate or buy product.  The website keeps in contact with them for up to 6 months.  You receive a commission on all of the activity at any of your personalized web sites.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to take my FREE Tour.  There you can see if this business is for you.

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