Tapestri, The app that Pays!

You, like most people, have a hundred or so apps on your phone.  You may not use all of them, and some you can’t even delete, but they all track you and store your data.  This data is worth big bucks.  Really big bucks.  App creators actually sell space on their apps.  They get paid for your data.  Where you are.  What you do.  Who you talk to.  Who talks to you.  Where you go.  How long you stay there. On and on and on.

Tapestri pays you to install it on your phone.  Every month.  Even if you never use it.  And it only uses your GPS.  You get paid up to $25 per month just to have the app installed.  Now, that is not a lot of cash.  But you basically have to do nothing to get it.

You can invite other people to install the app on their phone and earn an extra $1 for each one of them, every month.  For instance, if you invite 2000 people to download the app, you earn $2000 a month.  How cool is that?  But if you invite just 10 people that install the app, you become what we call a super affiliate.  This qualifies you to earn money on your first two levels.  This is not an MLM as such.  It is an affiliate program.  There is no binary matrix or unilevel or sales to worry about.

Consumer vs Affiliate

A consumer downloads the app, buys nothing, spends nothing, and earns money on their first level only.  You can install the app, and forget about it and earn money every month for the rest of your life and do absolutely nothing more.

An active affiliate pays just $9.95 per month and receives commissions on both levels.  A super affiliate is someone that has sponsored 10 affiliates.  Right now, we are in the pre-launch stage.  The app has been approved by Google and is being fine tuned for Apple.  The app will not even be released for another week or so.  If you sign up now, while in the pre-launch stage, you will receive an additional 12 months for free when you pay your $9.95.  So less than ten bucks gets you paid in full for an entire year.  You save a hundred bucks by signing up now.

Super Affiliate

A super affiliate is eligible to receive a 50% matching bonus on both the first and second levels.  Depending on the size of your customer base, this can be additional hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

A Global Affiliate is someone that has sponsored 10 that has sponsored 10.  These people earn a share in the overall company profits.  These spaces are limited and at the present time, I believe there are only 40 something of those positions available.  There is still time for you to qualify.

This video explains things in a lot more detail:

This is the easiest affiliate program that you will ever find.  I have been helping the homeless, if you follow my Youtube channel and this is a program that even the homeless can earn money with.  It is that easy.

Now, of course, Internet Markets will realize the advantages of running ads on social media, Craigslist, KSL.com classifieds, and other places to let people know about this fantastic opportunity.


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