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I came across an opportunity a couple weeks ago that I thought was interesting so I signed up.  Then I got involved doing other things and forgot about it.  When I thought to take a better look at it, I discovered that there were already two people in my downline. It is a forced 3×10 matrix, which means there are only 3 people on any given level and it pays 10 levels deep.  Being familiar with network marketing, the forced matrix intrigued me.  That is actually what made me decide to join.  When I looked in my back office, it became clear that I had made a good choice. A forced matrix means that since there are only 3 available spots on any level, that if someone sponsors more than three, they will spillover into someone else’s downline.  In this case, someone above me had spilled a couple people over into my matrix, helping both of us. The beauty about spillover is that it pays the same whether you get them yourself or someone else gets them for you.  In other words, the program costs $45 a month. Each person on your first level pays $15 a month.  So it only takes 3 people to break even and I have got two of them for free. One thing I learned about Multi-Level Marketing, is that is definitely does make a difference who your sponsor is.  If you sponsor under a pud, or someone that does nothing, or does not know how to make it profitable, your growth is completely up to you.  But when you sponsor under a real promoter, it benefits you greatly. My sponsor does network marketing for a living.  He has done so for several years.  I sponsored under him a couple different times over the last few years and I know what he can do.  I already have free spillover that is making me money.  I am also a professional marketer and if you come into my downline, you will get spillover for sure.  I expect a couple thousand free spillover in my matrix just between me and my sponsor if no one else does anything.  But they already are because they are getting free spillover, too. There are three different income streams in the MatrixEmpire.  This is number 1.  You are under no obligation to earn money on the other two. This is an opportunity that can literally make you money if you do nothing but stay active.  However, that will take some time so you may as well tell other people about it while you are making money, and make even more.  Remember that you participate for free after you have just three people. I have sponsored thousands of people over the years and I know how to do it.  Sometimes it is easier to work with strangers than friends.  Youtube is free.  Facebook is free.  So are many other social platforms.  I help my people and teach them to do what I do.  I have learned what works.  I have also learned what does not work.  I can save you both time and money. Please take a moment to visit: http://EasiestMoney.org  Enter your name and email so that we can stay in contact.  You can choose not to get any emails if you like.  You won’t get more than one a week anyway.  After you join, contact me and I will help you get started.

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