I want to discuss a few different prospecting methods to get your brain chugging.  You should use a minimum of 5 different lead generation methods at the same time.  You do not want to get stuck using something that is perpetually becoming less effective.  20 years ago, yellow pages was a thing.  Today, nobody cares.  You should continually try to improve your methods as well as try new ones.  Entire books could be written about each one of these methods.  The purpose here is simply to get you thinking about additional ways that you can generate leads.  Remember that while the Internet provides additional methods, some of the best ones are 50 years old.

Free CD or product

Back in the late 1970s, I used a prospecting method taught me by Paul J Meyer.  The company was SMI and I mailed postcards out to businesses in the phone book.  The postcard offered a free audio cassette tape of Think and Grow Rich.  When people mailed the card back to me to accept the offer, I called and made an appointment to make a presentation to them.  I rarely made a presentation that did not end in a sale.  Average sale was $400 and the profit margin was 50%.  I did well.  I used a 3×5 card file to keep track of my appointments.

Today, with MDC’s new Genius app, you can send free samples from your phone.

Cold Calling in a Mall

One way to find people is to simply go get them.  Shopping malls can be a good place to find people that were entrepreneurial.  They are already in business and extra income was generally high on their priority list.  Simply walking from store to store and speaking with the manager found many a business man as a receptive audience.  If the product at hand was compatible with the store already in operation, many managers would try a case or two of a new product to determine acceptance.  Always leave a business card when the manager is out.

Today, many managers are looking for an extra income stream.  Just because they manage a million dollar store does not mean they are happy.  They understand leverage.  A network of distributors that buy direct from the company might be just what they are looking for.

When cold calling, you can invite people to a meeting after they get off work.  Hotel meetings are great for this.

Home Party

These can be a lot of fun and work better when you allow people to bring friends of their own.  Women generally do better with these than men as a woman can be so excited about a particular product that her enthusiasm spreads and everyone in the room wants one.  Some products do well when demonstrated like a face mask treatment or a shampoo.  Free samples create orders for a later time when the product has been tried at home.  Most people know that when they are invited to a home party that there will be purchasing opportunities so people show up in a buying mood.  It can be a good way to meet the new family on the block.  Sales can be in the hundreds or even thousands at a successful party.

Paid Advertising

I have sponsored hundreds of people by running an ad on Craigslist.  Ads cost from $10 to $45 per month and you can leave a link to your landing page or sales funnel.  This is kind of passive as you don’t have to speak with anyone.  If they are interested, they answer the ad.  They go to the website and watch the videos and in many cases are sold on the spot.  You collect their name and email address for follow up.

Social Media

Many times, social media is free.  You can post an image or write a short essay and those interested can private message you.  This is unobtrusive as there is no spamming.  You should NOT spam your link as it angers some people and you have no way of knowing who the interested people are.  Only the interested people contact you and you can send them to a sales funnel, landing page, or simply close the sale yourself.  When you know who the interested people are, you can follow-up with more detailed information as necessary.  Most people need more than one exposure so it can be a good idea to have an email follow up system.

Trade Shows

When I was retailing products for a living, it was important to buy right.  Today, many people buy from a reseller that eBay recommends and they are paying way too much.  There are huge trade shows in New York and Las Vegas where manufacturers from all over the world come to find sellers for their products.  Large corporations send their company buyers to these trade shows to find a new product or a better price on an existing product.  Money flows like water.  Anyone with a booth is going to have thousands of people walk by that are eager to buy.

Drop Cards

Drop cards are a classified ad printed on a business card.  Business cards are cheap.  You drop a few on the counter wherever you go.  You can even leave them in the credit card slot on a gas pump.  If this is the only method you use, you will be disappointed.  But because cards are so cheap and you only leave them in places you go anyway, they waste no time.  You can print a phone number if you prefer talking to people or a link to a sales funnel/landing page.  The resulting sales may only be 1%, but used in conjunction with other methods is a benefit.  Some people have went so far as to print a replica $100 bill with their message on the reverse side.  These are very effective.  Everyone that sees the card will pick it up.

Warm Market

Your warm market is people that you already know.  Friends, family, neighbors, etc.  People that trust your opinion.  You can be much less formal with these people.  Since you know these people, you may make a recommendation based on a health problem or even something to help their pet.  Things like anxiety, depression, sleep issues, etc. are things that if you have a solution, they are all ears.  Keep in mind that while most of your warm market will not be interested personally, they will know people that are.  This is really what you are after is the people that they know.

Swap Meets and Fairs

Swap Meets or other events where you can setup a table or booth can be incredibly profitable.  The company has banners, table cloths, posters, and such to really add class to your display.  County Fairs are also excellent.  There is a county fair every weekend, somewhere.  Events such as these provide hundreds to thousands of shoppers to walk by your display every day.  You can sell from your own inventory or encourage everyone to take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee and order right there on their smart phone.  This allows the sale of thousands of dollars in product as well as the opportunity to discuss building a business and success tactics.

Hotel Meetings

Hotels have meeting rooms for rent as well as rooms to sleep in.  Even a small hotel or motel will have a meeting room with 100 capacity.  These rooms rent for less than $100 a night.  Sometimes a lot less.

If you hold meetings every week, you don’t have to spend any money on advertising to get people to show up.  In this case, the affiliates that you already have will invite people to the meetings.  These work well because it is easier for someone to invite a person to a meeting where a professional will make the presentation, than having to make the presentation themselves.  They simply invite someone, the people they invite get sold, they sponsor a new affiliate, and earn some commissions.

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Follow-up System

Regardless of how or where you find your prospects, you are running a business.  You want to create a significant income for your self and in many cases, this is what your customers want also.  But before they become a customer, many people will need several different exposures to an idea before making a commitment.  There will be questions.  You have to have a way to answer people’s questions without working 20 hours a day.  A Blog and Youtube channel can help a lot.  This allows you to answer specific questions and gives you a place to send people for the answers.  They can get the answer at their own convenience and you do not have to answer the same question to 50 different people.

I recommend getting an email system which allows you to send emails to hundreds of people at a time without getting flagged as a spammer.  I use GetResponse.  They offer a free 30 day trial.  They offer a complete set of solutions, many of which you may never need.  You get analytics so that you know how many people actually opened an email and who specifically clicked on a link inside.  These are helpful things to know.


The whole idea behind having a system that is duplicate-able, is that not only can you do it, but so can anyone else.  That way, when a person realizes that all they have to do in order to become a millionaire is to get 5 people that get 5 people that in turn get 5 people.  If the people that you get can not get their people, they will quit.  The idea is to make this process as easy as possible.

Do not be afraid to help your people close a sale.  You might even do it for them.  You ask Joe who he thinks would be the most interested in an extra income stream.  He tells you George, the owner of the hardware store.  You call George and let Joe listen.  Or maybe you do a zoom call.  Either way, you are more knowledgeable than Joe and can close the deal.  Joe now knows how to do it because you showed him.  There is still work to be done and it does take time and effort.  But the end result is that you are free.  You can live where you want and how you want.  You don’t necessarily need to know how much something costs before deciding to buy it.

How can I get started?

If you are not already on my team and would like to be, please take my free tour and see if this business can be for you.  Once you become an affiliate, you will receive information on how to maximize your commissions.

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