Back in the late ’70s I drove down to Waco, Texas to meet a man named Paul J. Meyer.  He was the founder of Success Motivation Institute.  His company created and sold motivation programs for businesses to help make their employees more efficient or productive.

SMI had marketing down to perfection.  If you followed their recipe for success, you would be successful no matter what you sold.  I took their course and sold their products for a while.

The programs sold for $400 to $2000 depending on the program and the programs consisted of about two dollars worth of cassette tapes, a binder, and a written transcript of the tapes and a few pages of work a longs.  The physical cost to produce these programs was probably around $20.

I sold quite a few of these programs using the provided prospecting methods.  My commission on each sale was 50%.  So I put $200 in my pocket every time I sold even the cheapest program.

Every business did not buy.  They just took the free “Think and Grow Rich” tape I gave everyone that made an appointment to hear my song and dance.  The funny thing is that in talking to a thousand or so people and hearing about every objection or excuse for not buying imaginable, I never once heard the complaint that the product was over priced.  Not once!

You see, I was selling success.  The price could have been double and my sales odds would not have changed a bit.  So what makes successful business men pay $400 for $20 worth of tapes and paper and be happy as a clam?  Well, for one thing, the programs worked.  They got their money back a hundred times over.

So you might ask “What was on these tapes that was so powerful”?  The thing that was on these tapes that changed peoples lives was true and correct, proven principles that when utilized gives the user an edge over the competition.

That edge is turned into dollars when used properly and is countable and bankable.

Did you know that on any given day, one professional golfer is as good as another?  Sometimes people get “in the groove” and when you are there, you are hot.  And when you are hot, good things happen.

So by now your mouth is watering and you want a taste of this “edge”.  You can live without it, but if I could show you a way that you could be 30% more effective in everything you did, would you be interested in that?  Of course you would.  You might even kill for it.

I am going to give you a taste.  This is a presentation that was recorded live about 40 years ago.  It has never been duplicated or surpassed.  I hunted this down because it was the most memorable presentation in my entire life.

There is an introduction added to the beginning of the presentation to make you familiar with Paul J. Meyer and his influence on this earth.  He has probably helped create more millionaires than any person living or dead.

listen to Paul J Meyer



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