I’m old enough to remember the hippie days of the ’70s and all of the pure bull shit that my school, teachers, government, and media told me and others about marijuana.  It clearly is not as harmful as alcohol when abused, but unlike alcohol, it has a million benefits when used correctly.  Now, I realize that democrats and other morons with only a double digit IQ regularly blame the gun for a murder and a plant for criminal behavior, but in reality these are inanimate objects and are simply tools that can be used for good or bad.  If I crush the skull of a democrat with a hammer, it is not the hammer’s fault.

One thing that there is no disagreement on is that marijuana does not make anyone violent.  It is far more likely to put one to sleep.  Of course, the hippies used marijuana for it’s euphoric effect rather than the medicinal effects that have been known and practiced for literally thousands of years.

The Bible tells us in Genesis that God created the herbs for the benefit of mankind.  When He was done he actually said that “They were very good”.  God loves us, unlike our Satanic government and were it not for the government agencies banning alcohol that would have to be disbanded if there was nothing for them to do when prohibition was over, marijuana may never have been outlawed in the first place.

The Satanists in the government that pretended to be smarter than God outlawed God’s creations, as well as research on them that delayed public awareness of a cure for cancer for decades.


The lies the government told numbered in the millions.  It was actually a racial thing that gave police a reason to arrest blacks.  The hippies soon learned that pot was not a gateway drug, it was not addicting, and it did not lead one to become a heroin addict.

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It became apparent that users of marijuana did not suffer from many of the ailments that the general population did.  Could it be that God was Blessing the pot heads?  Well, God created the cure and those that took the cure did not get the disease.  Nothing scientific here because research was illegal.  Once enough people had enough of the Satanic government control over God’s creations, they voted to legalize God’s creations and research then became legal.



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