For those that are not subscribed to my newsletter, I want to pass on a couple of newsworthy events.  First off, My Daily Choice had $9 million dollars in sales in 2017.  The year of 2018 brought exponential growth for the company with a record setting sales year exceeding a hundred million dollars. 1000% growth in one year.

The second news worthy event is that Josh Zwagil has his sights on a Billion dollar goal and has formidable plans to achieve it.  Plans are underway this very minute to bring My Daily Choice to a town near you.  These events will begin in California, then Texas, and spread across the country.  These events are a big deal and will make it enormously easier to sponsor new people.

The crowds will be electric with enthusiasm.  The company currently has many people in the 5k club, 10k club, 50k club, 100k club, 500k club and even in the million dollar club.  You can meet some of these people when you bring your prospects and affiliates to these events.  These events will be remembered forever.  Experiences of a lifetime.  Make sure to stay tuned so you will know when and where they are.   Lots more information at this link:

The news of the many benefits of cbd oil is sweeping across the nation and world.  My Daily Choice has the only certified cbd products.  My Daily Choice dominates the market as other companies scramble to get on the cbd wagon.  MDC already has the world’s best sales funnels and now you can bring people in person to an amazing presentation.

First, First. And Win Win.  Hold on to the rocket.



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