There are a lot of honest vendors that provide solo ads.  Solo ads can be a very effective way to get your message to lots of people.  However, you must be careful in choosing a vendor. As a matter of due course in My Daily Choice, I have thousands and thousands of contacts that responded with interest to a work at home opportunity.  When someone takes my free tour that is part of the free sales funnel included in the Hempworx compensation plan, their contact information is held in my back office in case I should choose to follow up with them.  I don’t because the automated email system is so effective that I don’t need to.  Contacts that are inactive for 6 months or that opt-out of the system, are deleted from the system.  So I save the information to a spreadsheet for future reference.  Some people have hundreds of thousands of names with contact info.  The list owner has already used the list for their own purposes and rather than throw the list away, the owner sends people’s ads to the list to generate more cash. A person may have a survey that asks people questions that qualify them for certain specific niches.  These people have opted in to the list and so there is no spamming involved.  These people want to see your ads.  It is a good concept and a very profitable one.  For advertisers and for vendors.  A vendor may earn hundreds or thousands of dollars each and every day by renting out his/her list. But, when you have a system that creates a large cash flow, you are going to have some bad apples with criminal intent scamming you out of your hard earned money.  They may use robots to visit your landing page and you pay for a thousand visitors and you got them, although perhaps none were actually human and none bought anything.  Or maybe the vendor does not actually even have a list, but rather buys clicks at fiverr and keeps your money while sending totally worthless clicks to your site. NEVER place a big order with a new vendor.  Try a few hits to see how they work.  It should take 2 or 3 days or more for all of your hits to come in because many people do not answer their email immediately.  If all of your hits come in just a few hours, you pretty well know that you have been scammed.  The visitors were bots and not humans that got an ad in their email, read it, and then went to take a look at your site. Most solo ad companies have a rating system where customers rate their satisfaction.  Choose a company that has a zero tolerance for bad service. Choose a vendor with a very large list that is continually being added to.  These leads will be fresh and not already worn out with ads similar to yours.  When you find a vendor whose list converts to sales, stay with him/her.  If you have friends that also use solo ads, offer each other recommendations as to vendors that are good.  Leave negative feedback to scammers with bad lists and never use them or recommend them again. Even reputable solo ad companies can have some bad vendors.  Try a few different ones and you will see a difference in the way they work, the responses you get, and the conversion rates. When you have a good experience, tell people.  Also, when you have a bad experience, tell people. If you would like to know the number one home business that I recommend, visit: http://BestHome.Business for a free tour.    

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