Build Your List

Here is an easy way to build your email list.  You get 100 new leads a day.  Or, if you share this opportunity with just one person, you will get 200 new fresh leads a day.  You can download them to a spreadsheet on your local computer or use our free mass emailer which is completely non-spam compliant.  This means that your emails actually get delivered.

All successful online marketers have a list.  Actually, several.  You may have one list for your network marketing group.  Another list for your Tapestri affiliates.  Still another for your 5 Billion Sales affiliates.  Many multi millionaires have been crested with just a list.

Just imagine, that if you have an email list of just 10,000, you can send an offer that only 1% will be interested in, and make 100 sales that day.  The next day you send a different offer and a different 1% buy.  You can literally earn thousands of dollars per day with an email list.

Do NOT Spam

Spam is a bad word and it makes people mad.  When you use a list of people that have opted in to your list, you know that you are sending your emails to people that want to get them.  This makes a big difference in how many people accept your offer.

I wrote an article a few years back at that you may be interested in.  I still use MyLeadGenSecret today.


Results will vary depending on your offer.  Not everyone is interested in every thing.  But everyone is interested in some things.

For instance, my results when advertising Tapestri or 5 Billion Sales are far better than when advertising a network marketing company that requires the purchase of products.

Earn Multiple Ways

When you become an affiliate of MLGS, you will earn money from whatever product or service you are promoting.  But you can also earn money from MLGS, itself.  You earn $5 for every person that you refer that becomes a member.  Refer 6 and your membership is free.  You get paid every month.

Promote many different offers.  Use the free mass mailer to email up to 9000 contacts per day.  If you want to email more than that, just download your leads and use your own email system.

Online Marketing

When you market online, you can reach far more people than you could in the old days by speaking to people in person.  You can literally make thousands of sales per day.

So many people lost their jobs during the covid thing and by marketing online, you can work from home and possibly earn a lot more money than you did at your job.

You get 100 new leads a day added to your leads.  This is 3000 new leads a month.  Or 36,500 new, fresh leads a year.  What an email list!  All for just $30 a month.  Of course, you can quit at any time, but why would you want to?

Click HERE, right now, and begin to build the list that can make you wealthy.  Once you have these leads, you can use them forever.  Just imagine what you could do with an email list of over a hundred thousand.

To get 100 leads right now and 100 new and fresh leads every day go to

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