My Daily Choice is one of the fastest growing multi-level marketing companies on earth.  Their addition of Hempworx cbd products has made them a world leader.  In fact, MDC dominates the cbd market.  Other network marketing companies have scrambled to offer cbd products but it takes time to start a farm and get things going.

At the 2nd annual MDC convention in Las Vegas at the end of October 2018, they announced 5 new additional products which will give them an additional explosion of growth.  Hemp infused coffee, CBD Keto Coffee Creamers, and cinnamon flavored cbd oil.

So what can I do to get off to a fast start creating additional income while working at home?

Review “What are the 10 things I should do immediately to get a fast start in Hempworx

Become familiar with the fast start bonus and understand why you will earn more money by purchasing a Director Pack instead of just a Builder Pack every month.  There is quite a bit of immediate money to be made with the weekly fast start bonus.  In fact, if you buy a Director Pack and get four people to do so also, yours is free.  Your commission on your personally sponsored people depends on the BV which you personally purchase that month.  Commissions on your downline are the highest percent in their first month.  This is how you can earn hundreds of dollars your very first month.

You will continue to earn money on your downline for as long as they are active but never as much as in their first month.  After you get 90 BV in your power leg, switch your rotator to your pay leg only as your power leg will continue to grow from the efforts of your upline.  If someone quits or doesn’t buy in your power leg, you will have to move your rotator back to maintain a minimum of 90 BV in your power leg in order to maximize commissions.

Realize that sometimes people quit.  Network Marketing is the ultimate in free enterprise and I know of no other way to start a business on less than $200 a month and earn as much as you want.  But, if it was easy, everyone would do it.  And if everyone did do it, it would be easy.  But in reality some people do not see the vision.  The concept is simple enough.  Get a few people that get a few people.  If you do, you will succeed.

Develop a lead generation technique that works for you.  Target a specific market.  For instance, you can expect with near 100% certainty that cbd oil will help an epileptic almost immediately.  Doctors are generally no help of any kind to an epileptic because they are scared to death of losing their license if they prescribe anything besides an FDA approved drug.  I learned this the hard way when my 3 year old daughter began having seizures.  I was scared.  The doctors told me there was absolutely nothing they could do except prescribe phenobarbital.  My daughter began wetting her pants again and walked around like she was drunk.  She slept the first 20 or so hours after taking the first dose.  I later learned that phenobarbital is used to execute death row prisoners.   Doctors actually do more harm than good sometimes.  I wasn’t familiar with cbd at the time as Big Pharma had done everything in their power to keep any cures that they couldn’t patent, illegal.  I did find lobelia and other natural remedies which in my daughter’s case stopped her seizures and she hasn’t had a seizure since 1984.

A Google search will produce hundreds of thousands of testimonials.  The evidence is simply overwhelming.  Any doctor that prescribes phenobarbital in my opinion is guilty of attempted murder.  CBD Oil under the tongue may stops  seizure in seconds.  People that previously had a hundred seizures a week now have only one a month after taking cbd oil.  You can’t say cbd cures anything even if it does even if you are a doctor and know it for 100% certain.  But the thousands of people telling their story online are not liars.

A simple ad in the paper might invite people with epilepsy to try a perfectly natural, 100% safe, extract from a plant that God created, to see if it might help.  Those people will love you forever.  They may not care a hoot about making money but they will buy cbd oil every month for the rest of their lives.

When you have a technique that consistently generates leads, you are on your way and the income won’t stop unless you do and maybe not even then.

Some people quit and say it is too hard because it may take 4 or even 5 years.  Well, so what?  What else can you retire on after only 5 years?  Certainly not college.  And you can earn a couple hundred dollars a week if you really get after it, in the meantime.

If you haven’t joined my team yet, please take the FREE Tour like many people everyday do and see if this business is for you.



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