For those of you that follow me, you know that I am into making money.  Sometimes opportunities are too hard or expensive for the average Joe to participate in.  I began looking for opportunities that had a low cost to join, and where every single participant earns money.  Not just the people in the beginning or just the people at the top.

I found a company called 5 Billion Sales.  They are in pre-launch.  The details will not even be released in full before the official launch which is scheduled for the end of October 2021.

What we know

If you get in now, before the official launch, the cost is zero.  There will be a fee to participate after the launch.  Signing up right now gets you a FREE Lifetime membership.  That is right.  No cost to you ever.  You will NOT even be asked for a credit card, Now or ever.

The product uses the Internet.  Might be a browser.  Might be a search engine.  I do not know.

You will be paid $400 per year to participate.

and $100 annually for each person that you invite that participates.

Also, you will receive $5 per month on your entire group, 16 levels deep.

To become an affiliate right now for free, simply visit

Keep coming back for details.

Imagine if people could use the Internet just like they do today, BUT get paid to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media. What if you could get paid to use Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Stop imagining… That’s what we do! Big tech provide this service to 5 billion Internet users already, but we have monetized it. Every person that uses the Internet is a commission. We pay you $100 for each user introduced to our service and we pay users $400 each year to use it! You get $100 commission and everyone you introduce and they get paid a passive income of $400 yearly to use our service. Everybody wins

We are launching soon. Join as an affiliate now and build a powerful network of affiliates ready for the powerful launch! Join now and get in before the masses find out and bring in people you know. The two services that are coming g out at launch are going to revolutionize the Internet world and social media as we know it. Facebook, Google, Twitter don pay you


You can do this! Anyone can do this!

To become an affiliate right now for free, simply visit

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