I did a search on Google for how to get a quick start in Hempworx and was very disappointed in the results.  I did write a short article about your First Year in Hempworx a few months back and also one about how to get off to a fast start, but both of these need further explanation There are a large number of highly successful people in My Daily Choice Hempworx, but learning their secrets can be a difficult proposition.  I decided to just lay it out in simple terms that anyone can accomplish and the possibility of failure only exists if a person chooses to fail by quitting.  Success is more of a journey than a destination and means widely different things to different people. One really sweet thing about Hempworx or any other network marketing company is that consistent activity will produce growth and at some point the organization gains momentum on it’s own and will continue to grow even if you do quit.  Therefore, success today might mean an extra $500 per month whereas in another year it may mean ten times that. While it certainly does not hurt that CBD Oil is perhaps the hottest product on the face of the earth right now, another major reason that My Daily Choice is smoking the growth charts is because it’s founders, Josh and Jenna Zwagil created a new and unique marketing plan designed to help the new affiliate earn an income right from day one. It is called the Fast Start Bonus.  When a new affiliate joins the company, the bulk of the commissions go to the sponsor on the first month’s orders.  This means that an MDC affiliate with the rank of Executive can earn 50% commission of the first month order of a new affiliate. After sending over 5000 people to my landing page sales funnel, I believe that I have a fairly accurate set of numbers from which to make analysis.  My numbers are likely average, although some would say that being an old, short, grey haired, crippled guy, with no teeth, living off-grid 6 miles from the nearest paved road is a disadvantage and that “normal” people would probably do better. In my experience, about 2% of the people that took my free tour, upgraded to affiliate.  Of those, about 6% came in as an Executive, another 6% came in as a Director, and the rest or about 88% started as a Builder. Since I work with strangers or the cold market, I do not have the opportunity to explain the advantages of starting out as an Executive.  People have already joined on their own knowledge before I have had the opportunity to speak with them.  If I were to speak with them before they joined, I would explain that they should suggest that everyone start as an Executive if possible.  This way, they would earn $200 on each and every new affiliate that joined in their first month.  If a person sends a minimum of 20 people a day to their landing page, and their numbers are similar to mine, they will sponsor 4 to ten new affiliates in a month, depending on the time of year and a few other factors.  If all of those new people came in as an Executive, the person would earn $800 to $2000 per month, just on their fast start bonus on new affiliates alone, without counting any Binary commissions from their downline.  Of course, a new affiliate does not have a downline in the beginning and so the Fast Start Bonuses are a big deal to the new affiliate that is depending on the money to live. Regardless of what level a new affiliate joins as, the secret to building a fast and consistent business is to have a steady flow of prospects taking the free tour.  The Internet Age allows us to build a business completely online if we choose to do so.  Long gone are the days where one had to invite people to a hotel meeting or join a three way call.  With Hempworx, the sales process is largely automated. When a person takes my free tour, they are doing so from a landing page sales funnel that will automatically follow up with them for several months regarding the situation of their actual business.  These automated emails are unique to the Pre-Enrollee and not just a carbon copy of a sales pitch that everyone gets.  These emails tell the prospect about new Pre-Enrollees that have joined their team and notifies them when they have upgraded to affiliate.  It reminds people of Thursday’s cut-off and suggests ways to build their business.  Everyone was at least a little bit interested or they would not have taken the free tour in the first place.  Five or ten times as many people visit the landing page as those that actually enter their contact information in order to take the free tour.  After taking the tour, some are still interested or want more information, while others decide they prefer not to earn any extra money and opt out.  When they opt out with a single click, they are telling the company that they do not wish to receive any further information, and they won’t.  Some decide to become an affiliate right away while others wait a few months to make up their mind.  The emails keep coming until they decide one way or the other or 6 months goes by.
By teaching your downline the advantages of becoming an Executive right away, you increase the earning potential of your entire team.  I started out as a Builder.  Money was tight.  I began to sponsor new people right away and soon realized that I could be earning almost double what I was earning with the same amount of effort if I simply increased my rate of commission.  I was leaving money on the table so it actually paid me to become an Executive at that point. In order to be successful, you must consistently have a flow of new people taking your free tour.  I recommend that you try to send at least 20 people everyday to your landing page.  This becomes easier as time goes on.  For instance after a year or so of writing a blog, you will start getting half a dozen or more people everyday that come to you free of charge from Google, Bing, or other search engine.  These people searched on something and Google sent them to your page to get the answer.  This is called organic traffic.  The same thing happens from your Youtube channel.  These leads are free and a result of effort that you have already done a month or year previous. There are other free ways to get traffic such as a Fakebook Group or an article you write on LinkedIn.  Instagram is a little more complex as you are dealing with images, but many people have been very effective with all of the different social media platforms. Paid advertising is probably the most predictable.  Ads on Craigslist cost from $10 to $45 a month depending on the population of the city.  Solo ads are vendors which have large email lists that are categorized and you can pick your target category.  Solo ads can be very effective if used consistently.  You can get solo ads here or here.  Either of these two places are reputable.  Just make sure you pick a vendor with a list that gets updated regularly with fresh addresses and be sure to check the vendor’s reputation with other users. I have other tips and tricks that I don’t publish for the general public, but I do share them with members of my team. If you are not already on my team, please take my free tour to see if this business could be for you.  When you join my team, you are joining a winner.  I have made a lot of mistakes that you do not need to make.  I have learned ways and means to consistently grow my business.  I will help you to do the same.  

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